williams sonoma ain’t what it used to be

I ordered these from Williams Sonoma in December, 2017. I am still waiting. They say they are not available, yet as per their website they ARE available, so which is it?

Patience is a virtue I sometimes have an issue with.  Today is one of those days. But crappy customer service will bring out the worst in me.

Williams Sonoma, tag you are it.

Rewind to November, 2017.  I had been given a gift card and purchased some items that were due for pre-Thanksgiving delivery.  The items arrived after Thanksgiving. So I called.  They apologized profusely and refunded the shipping.  So I ordered myself a set of silicone spatulas (pictured above.)

And waited. And waited.  Beginning of January they were back-ordered until January 25th.  They never arrived.  So I checked in again. They were back-ordered again.  I was told end of February,

It’s March…and they are back-ordered until Mid-May.  But did anyone send me a courtesy email? Nope. I discovered it because the onslaught of Williams Sonoma junk e-mail made me realize that I have still never received my spatulas. Nor have I received any updates as to why the delay has been extended yet again.  That is poor customer service.

 Yet, these spatulas show available in three colors on their website.  And according to their website they are in stores.

So dumb question maybe but where are my spatulas?

Williams Sonoma, service has slipped.  Don’t think I will be ordering from you again.

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  1. I don’t blame you one bit. I used to do custom decorating for Strawbridge & Clothier. I will accept only the same level of care and service I demanded of myself.

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