things always look better in the morning…even if there still is no power

I got some photos at the end of daybreak with my regular camera, but this tablet photo will have to do for now. Last night was a long night. We kept the wood stove stoked all night and it’s roaring happily this morning.

Living in Chester County when I have now discovered that when the power goes out during a storm, it can stay out, I am glad we have the wood stove even if this is yet another “O Pioneers” (Willa Cather novel 1913) feeling storm event.The wind howled so fiercely last night. After the ice storm of 2014, it still makes me a little anxious to hear the freight train- like sounds of high winds through the woods.

What made last night a really long night is our son’s car broke down on a dark and windy Chester County road. He had gone to a friend’s house on the other side of where University of Valley Forge is. I will be honest that I had wanted him to come home right after school because of the weather. (But anyway….)

There is nothing worse than finding out in the middle of a nasty storm where trees are coming down like matchsticks everywhere that your kid is broken down on the side of the road. My husband went to get him and they sat for hours waiting for the tow truck that never showed up.

Fortunately, the police department over there did have a tow truck. So the car is safe and off of the road. All’s well that ends well, but in the deep dark of night with power out all over, that was so not fun.

We are still without power. We still don’t know when it will be restored. We are not alone in Chester County.

I think PECO Energy as a utility really needs to let us know the status of our infrastructure. I would also like to know if it’s true that they never completely restored the infrastructure that was damaged during the 2014 ice storm and maybe our state elected officials can check on that?

Maybe our esteemed Governor could do a little more than be a talking head running for re-election ? I mean is Tom Wolf is a giant disappointment and waste of time. He really hasn’t done anything. And wasn’t part of his platform fixing Pennsylvania’s infrastructure and dealing with pipelines? I totally digress but I had to get that in there because I was thinking about that.

But if I am to be without power at least we are all together and the sun is shining.