hunker down, chester county

I have lost count of how many people are without power in Chester County.

It is going to be one of those winter weekends.

We have been told by neighbors 5pm Sunday for power restoration maybe. And others have been saying that as well.

When I first reported my power outage, PECO’s system gave me a hard time. Both on the app and the toll free emergency/outage number. The system did not believe me there was a power outage.

Then as more and more people called in power outages the text messages started. First they said 5 PM today, but by 4 PM the system said “assessing damage”

As of 8:44 PM they still say “assessing damage” which is utility speak for we don’t know what the hell is going on right now.

So is it time for our elected officials to ask PECO Energy some tough infrastructure questions? As in did they ever put it all back together after the 2014 ice storm? Because my sources say no.

I have been told that PECO Energy’s website is completely overwhelmed and crashing. I don’t know from personal experience if that is true because I use their app or I call them.

The emergency/outage number is 1-800-841-4141.

There are lots of trees down everywhere, so I think some of the roads are a bit of a mess. And the winds are crazy outside.

So March has definitely arrived like a veritable lion. Stay safe and warm and dry everyone.

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  1. We used to live catty corner from the Radnor Hunt Club where horses outnumber people. We would lose our power quite readily. We were told that they do the areas first that have hospitals , nursing homes, etc. Then the most populated area, and working their way down to us. We were always the last. We had a well, and tile field. So when the power went out we couldn’t cook, no water, no heat and couldn’t flush the toilets. But the kids loved camping, and thought it great fun. When the power would come back they’d plead until we turned everything off again.

  2. When my next door neighbor reported a power outage yesterday, the PECO service rep didn’t believe her, either. Apparently, they heap suspicion on the first caller in any area. So a number of customers in an area have to call in before the outage is taken seriously.

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