from the archives and before social media

Years ago when we were in our dating and going out dancing days, one of my friends was the subject of a Glamour Magazine article on blind dates (seriously.)  Now this was before the advent of social media, etc, so people literally wrote letters to comment on an article. The letters I saw on this article were hysterical.

The letter above (redacted to protect the memory of the person who wrote it and the person who forwarded it to my friend) was sent to the magazine and subsequently forwarded to my friend, who then forwarded it to many of her friends. At the time we had many giggles over it.

Flash forward to today.  Twenty-one years later.  Too funny.

I will note my friend has been happily married with her own family forever at this point. She met her husband on a blind date, I am fairly certain. As a matter of fact she and her husband have this wonderfully sentimental practice of renewing their vows regularly – on vacations, and with friends. I believe the count is 60 vow renewals as of this past February!

The woman who wrote the letter died in the early 2000’s. She never married, and her career was amazing.

Anyway, I stumbled across the copy of the letter my friend sent to me long ago and wondered what happened to the person who wrote it. We could never do that as easily back in the day.

This fell out of a cookbook where I had stashed it who knows how long ago. File under the things you stumble upon.

Life and time march on.