cheap construction

A friend sent me some of the photos and some are mine. This is a brand new townhouse development. And it’s horrible looking.

Whatever happened to true quality of design and construction?

And people wonder why I have issue with a lot of this development? Look at it.

Linden Hall in East Whiteland- they call it Malvern but it’s Frazer. Surely the developer could have spent a minute more on them? Front end loaded lack of architecture and rickety rears is all they could accomplish?

This is the crap the developers are telling our townships we need. Shall we start the bets now on when they will fall apart? Look at the decks. So cheap.

Be sure to check out the “driveways”. If you noodle around in the development when people are home, you may notice what we did: they seem a little shallow don’t they? Would you want to have your car hanging out into the road when you were trying to park in your driveway? That is so urban back alley.

Even the downspouts seem short, but hey what’s a little water in your foundation over time?

The irony is these townhouses look cheap but they’re not cheap. They are not top-of-the-line expensive, but they’re not inexpensive, either. And they add how many to the school district?

And as I wondered what would happen when they were proposed, everyone is crammed in like lemmings. So you better like all of your neighbors because they are practically sitting in your lap.

Can all emergency vehicles truly navigate this development from all sides and angles?

Welcome to the modern tenement. And here we are in beautiful Chester County and there is also barely a blade or two of grass.


2 thoughts on “cheap construction

  1. Hi
    I love that you are showing this! Many of us around Malvern/Frazer consider this an eye sore. They are jamming 60 town-homes into that little piece of property and the last row of town-homes is being built right against Route 30. Keep in mind that coming soon is the revitalization of Route 30 which will include the widening of Route 30. Those homes are going to be very close to Route 30.
    The development doesn’t seem to fit there, this might be due to all the commercial property like a Ritas, Pizza shop and even a Dog day care center located next to it.
    Obviously, your article nailed it, but here are a few other issues. The only access to this development is off of Route 30 and they have no turning arrow to get out of this neighborhood. The traffic shares the same green light as drivers coming down Route 352 so many have to yield for traffic coming down Route 352 before getting out of their neighborhood. Even though there is an access road, off of Church Road, they were not allowed to use it.
    During the construction, I noticed they are not using brick or anything else in between the town homes. Maybe this is code but you think for a 400k to 500K town home you shouldn’t be able to hear your neighbors through the walls and Oh maybe something to protect you from a fire.
    A friend of mine stop to check out an open house and said everything was steps, you had to climb steps to get into the house and even from the garage. What about handicap or elderly people or parents.
    I also agree with the tightness of the neighborhood. What happens when we get 20 inch plus snow storm. Where are they going to put all the snow? What about privacy for the homes right against Route 30.
    I can go on and on, but sometimes the planning from this township and builders just amaze me. Oh did you hear about the apartments going in just down the road. Keep up the good work.

  2. East Whiteland slums right in the middle front and center !!! These are embarrassing to those of us that have lived and loved this Township my entire life!! As one of the original East Whiteland Ambulance out of Fire Company, those buildings look like a nightmare to evacuate!!!

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