Boundaries. As in some people need them.

I am an actual real person. Not just some “blogger lady”.

People who contact me tossing around the names of friends of friends without the benefit of an actual introduction (or really knowing the names they cavalierly throw out) will be ignored. And blocked and reported on social media.

And if unwanted contact persists, I can and will turn them over to law enforcement. The same will happen if they decide to show up at my home.

I do NOT and will NOT play here.

I chose my topics I write about and that is the bottom line. I am not a compensated blogger, and in this venue I am not a writer for hire and I will NOT be guided by personal agendas of others. I chose my topics because they interest me or touch my life or world. I am not some sort of revolutionary,

We live in a very strange and angry world today and sorry not sorry, I am over weird contact. My blog’s Facebook page allows people to send me a message. That is sufficient means for anyone to contact me who doesn’t know me. And messages which are “off”, untoward, threatening, etc are retained and reported. If your reasons for contacting my blog’s Facebook page and sending a message are true, you have nothing to worry about.