history down in the hollow….cedar hollow

Someone messaged me this photo of this house. Apparently it is at the end of Cedar Hollow on the left before you go under the tunnel? Does anyone know anything about this house or it’s history? I’m not even sure which Township it’s in.

Apparently the house is in very dangerous condition.

The person who messaged me was looking for any history available.

I am NOT advocating anyone explore it. It looks creepy and super derelict.

Whoever owns the land really should secure the house. But who knows if anyone actually owns it or it was a property abandoned long, long ago?

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  1. I think this is just barely in Tredyffrin, right on the line with Willistown. I looked around the property last summer and couldn’t find a practical way inside, metal screens are tacked over where the windows used to be on the first floor. The upper part of the building is in horrible shape mainly due to the roof failing in a few places, but from what I could see of the first floor it isn’t too bad. I’m not going to hold my breath for this to be restored, but it’s not totally gone yet.

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