in the garden, you get what you pay for

I am so mad at myself. I know better than to order from cheap unknown plant places, but every once in a while I’m just human and want to try to get a good bargain.

Well look at the shoddy plants I received today from Gilbert H Wild and Sons!

Wild has been around forever. I get their emails, I think I also used to get catalogs from them, and I never ordered from them before. But I thought what the heck, I might as well check them out.


I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet. And that makes me so angry when it comes to plants for my garden. And I’m mostly angry at myself because I know better.

I always tell people you get what you pay for and it’s always true. It is better to deal with a company that you know is super reputable and maybe a little pricey than to try to get a bargain like this. Because what I got today were half dead plants and completely dried out bare root items.

I could go to them and demand a refund but I don’t feel like being bothered, so I’m going to write off the loss and tell everybody don’t order from these people.

I should have known when I had to call them to find out where my order was because I never got a shipment notification or a tracking number.

Bless their hearts, they didn’t like my opinion. I didn’t ask for a refund because of experiences other gardeners I know have had. But this unprofessional response to my justified opinion based on what was delivered to me? Caveat Emptor…

I opened the box today and nothing that was bare root was packaged properly and they did the bare minimum on the plants that were potted.

I plant bare root all of the time and I can tell you that I find it doubtful that any of these things are going to be resurrected from the dead. When something arrives bare root and it’s completely dried out it’s usually a goner unless you’re planning on smoking it.

So there you have it: at the tippy top of my do not buy from for the garden list is now Gilbert H Wild and Sons. They suck.

6 thoughts on “in the garden, you get what you pay for

  1. I think the daylilies will pop back if you plant them. They’re tough!

    • Normally I would agree but they arrived like beef jerky. I will plant them to make sure but still…mostly dead

      • I agree with Cynthia. Give them a good soak. I can’t believe there is almost no green on the fans. This time of year there should be plenty.

      • Mary they are soaking and I added a little seaweed extract too. But I would NEVER get Daylilies from you that look like this! Yours are packed perfectly and lovely and green upon arrival

  2. Truthfully, like others have noted, the plants don’t look all that bad. One should also note that the firm of Gilbert Wild & Son is in Reeds MO, an area heavily hit by flooding and tornadoes. Not that I’m defending them, but certainly there may be some extenuating circumstances.

    • There are no extenuating circumstances that cover poor and inadequate packaging. I will further note I planted the roots today. MAYBE one of the daylillies will make it but I am in serious doubt. The other roots? COMPLETELY dried out. They had no green when scratched below the surface. Waste of money

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