way to go radnor! keep setting the bar low on design standards!

Now granted, what was there before on the corner of Willow Ave and Plant Ave in the Little Chicago was known to many (myself included) as “the scary house.”

But I do not get why Radnor Township allows this kind of crap with zero design aesthetic to go up? The only thing this building is about is maximizing developer money making capability.

This is a prime example of how municipalities are dropping the ball. The trend of density and in this case serious infill density is ruining communities everywhere.

Directly opposite where this looming monstrosity is being built is relatively new construction. And what was built? Two pretty nice twin houses. This is an older neighborhood of what were historically smaller houses with neat back yards. Not the grand Victorians a couple of blocks over and it’s certainly not really urban.

Yet here’s this block house structure. And even worse in an area that redefines what it is to flood in even just a heavy downpour? They are totally built out on the footprint of the property. Where is the parking going to be?

Anyway this development gets an F. It truly is ugly. And is so out of place.


2 thoughts on “way to go radnor! keep setting the bar low on design standards!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Builders and developers are well on their way to inheriting those jokes and hateful comments that once were bestowed upon the legal profession.

  2. Spot on–the problem is, that ugly concrete box is no longer out of place on the so-called “Main Line”. It is the NORM, thanks to Townships pushing toward more density, more mass transportation, and more of the Lifestyles of Hamsters on a Wheel–you know, small spaces, little to no yards, no parking, etc., etc. Wake up, readers. If you chose to live in any of the townships lining the Route 30 corridor (as far as I can see, all the way out to Downingtown and beyond), your “quality of life” appears to me to be in direct competition with the business and commercial interests who appear, in my opinion, to have inordinate power over the way many townships are developing….

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