da boyz

This isn’t a very good photo and I know it, but the subject matter just struck a chord with me and made me smile.

These boys are all obviously good buddies and that’s what made me smile — them standing there all in a gaggle (even if they all were on their phones.)

I thought it was sweet. I hope they took the time to read the Duffys Cut sign 😊

Sadly this is what I got for taking a photo I thought was so sweet passing by on a public road:

Mr. Habib there is no expectation of privacy in a public space which is what a public road is. Call the police if you feel you must, but then you are harassing me which is sadly something else entirely. How dare you make an innocent photo seem dirty.

Of course Mr. Habib seems to need to have the last word, and in the end, I may be the one who needs to call the police:

6 thoughts on “da boyz

  1. One of them is my son. Please take the picture down. I did not grant you permission. Posting pictures of kids online is strange!! Take it down or I call the police. My neighbor just told me about this. you are sick.

    • Public road. Nothing strange can’t even see who they are. Go ahead call the police. No expectation of privacy in a public space. Shame on you for spoiling a nice moment

      • A voyeur of children, huh? Whatever gives you jollies. You are a sick person. Boys can’t walk down the road without people like you exploiting them. Have a nice life. I heard you are the one who freaked out about brick and brew. wha the hell is your problem, you get banned all around malvern now you leer on kids.

  2. If someone doesn’t want pics of their kid online, the reasonable thing to do is take them down, no?

    I get the feeling you relish being controversial. Fine. But don’t do it with kids.


    • Not being controversial. I am among other things the photographer and I take these photos all the time. And I’m not gonna be harassed by some idiot

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