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This is something that breaks your heart.  A child in pain. And NO, before everyone goes all FREAKY on me, this note is NOT from our area.  A friend of mine who lives out of state found this while walking her dog this morning.

She did the right thing and reported it, although there was nothing really that could be done as the note was anonymous.

My friend shared this website— National Suicide Prevention Lifeline — in the hopes that people would share it so others would know they are not alone.

Kids face a lot of  new pressures caused by things like cyber harassment and cyber bullying as a result of social media.  Kids also face the same pressures that we did as children, except I think it’s worse today, again because of the social media amplification.

However, a lot of children face pressures because of plain old ordinary bullying because schools and parents do not act.  I have heard tales of situations where parents of kids who bully, are themselves bullies. There ARE a lot of schools in this area with bullying problems.

I also believe the anger and vitriol in this country is also affecting our kids.  It is 2019 and it still feels like, even as an adult, that it is not o.k. to be different.

We can’t wrap our kids in bubble wrap and put them away until they are adults.  We have to let them within reason have their own experiences, and solve their own problems as that is part of growing up.  But sometimes we forget kids don’t have adult coping mechanisms, heck I know plenty of adults who don’t have adult coping mechanisms.

This post I saw today gave me pause.  I do not pretend to be perfect or above reproach. 

So I am paying it forward. Our kids are our future.


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  1. Carla, so glad you are so caring. Hope this child is found and given some help. Bless you, lady.

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