old bells

Thai Elephant Bell

Do you love bells? I love bells.

When I was in elementary school I was actually in a handbell choir for a brief amount of time. I remember feeling very special with my white gloves to handle the beautiful bells. But I am not so musically inclined, so it didn’t last long. But while it lasted it was fun!

Bells are a happy sound to me. Everywhere I have lived since I was born has been in close proximity to some kind of church bells.

Vintage English brass dinner bell

I have little bells scattered all over my house. I also have them scattered all over outside. I love them in my garden. Mostly I have old bells. 

An old copper goat’s bell

The bells in my garden are mostly little bells I have hung that just make this delightful twinkly sound when the wind blows or I tap them. I will admit I do have a larger cow bell in one tree, and that has a much deeper tone to it.

Bells are just part of me , I guess. I find them all over because a lot of people just don’t want them.

What I really would love except I’ve never been able to find one that is intact on its own pole is a farm bell.  i’m not sure where I would put one but I would gladly dig a post hole and set it for the right bell. Not a huge farm bell, just a moderately sized one.

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Old cast bronze bell of unknown origin.