tammany hall style politics?


Today class, we are going to learn about what passes for politics. In particular Tammany Hall style politics which should have been buried with old Boss Tweed right? Like what you see above. Two Facebook pages that amount to cyber bullying masquerading as politics. Which of course makes it rather rich when you see current local elected officials say:


I would be pleased as an elected official that she pointed it out, except ummm for this:


Ms. Santalucia is a Supervisor in West Whiteland.  Her sister Rose Hogan Danese is running against Danielle Friel Otten:


It’s getting like the Hatfields versus the McCoys with the Chester County Democrats isn’t it? Look who else’s name has surfaced?

I don’t quite get how Danielle Friel Otten is a threat to world order, or Ginny Kerslake is either.  Yes I know both women, and so Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia doesn’t get confused, I do not speak for these women or their campaigns.  I am no one’s campaign operative. That is a tired old has been argument that goes back a few years and even that I was a tea partier  LOL.  (And also so this Supervisor doesn’t get her skirts further in a twist, this is known as opinion.  YOU are an elected official and YOU put certain things out there in the public. If you don’t want people commenting, change your privacy settings.)

It’s always all about the money in the end, so who is threatened the most by those who wish to serve because it’s the right thing to do?

Just like Republicans are divided, Democrats are an even bigger fractured fairy tale.  In Pennsylvania I think it is a simple thing to see: Wolf Democrats who are descended from Rendell Democrats are threatened by anyone and anything that doesn’t fit into their cheerleading squad.

Tammany Hall politics live on because we as the voters allow it.  Stop allowing it.


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  1. Worst of all–who represents the TRUE interests of the people anymore? I don’t mean CERTAIN people–dependent upon their money, resources, or ability to must surrogates to bully online and even publicly (sorry, people should be allowed to wear MAGA hats, Bernie tee shirts, whatever they want as long as it doesn’t involve anything lewd or what you wouldn’t want your six-year-old to see and read). ..Sorry, but in my opinion, it’s the political parties who have inflamed an otherwise decent, hard working American populace. That means, if you’re “with” a party, “self-police” your folks and don’t play us for stupid, as if we don’t know/can’t figure out who’s often behind what…Maybe after the parties behave with self-respect, as well as respecting voters, we can move forward to the actual issues.

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