quirky history restored, rejuvenated, re-built

Lincoln Motor Court, Ichabod’s, William Deluxe Cabins. I have been curious about them forever and been taking their pictures since 2013 if not earlier.

Photo I took in 2014
Another photo I took in 2014

I wrote my first post in 2014 (click HERE) and another post in 2019 (click HERE) which prompted this comment from a reader this past September:

Sorry this is a few months late, but some additional information:
This property was known as Williams De Luxe Cabins, built in 1934, closed in the 80s or 90s (I’m not sure exactly) and was all but abandoned until very recently (2015 or so). The property is zoned C-30, but appears to be mostly residential. I drive past at least several times a day. At present, the only “business” there is a “psychic,” which is unfortunate. There is nothing about the property on Giunta’s website (which has a copyright date of 2013…).
There was a house for the owner of Williams Cabins at the back of the property abutting the Chester Valley Railroad (now Trail) that was demolished at some point in the 2000s, likely due to advanced deterioration.
This is a Giunta project and is adjacent to the Exton Hotel. The Exton Hotel is now apartments, but actually started life as the Exton train station and ticket office on the Reading Railroad’s Chester Valley Branch. It was also known as Ship Station. Presently, it is owned by the same holding company (Exton Commercial LLC) that owns the adjacent former Williams motor lodge.
I have no idea how people are moving in there, considering when I tried calling the number on the sign out front, I got a voice mailbox and never received a call back. Construction is progressing slowly, but faithful to the original Tudor Revival style. I imagine this is at least partially because the property is listed on the NHRP.

4 thoughts on “quirky history restored, rejuvenated, re-built

  1. Glad you are happy with the reconstruction. Landscaping will come in the spring. Entire
    property is rented. one and two apartments in the rear and side with 3 commercial
    units up front. I get a great deal of satisfaction of adaptive reuse of Historic Sites.
    Leonard Giunta

  2. It would be nice if they were all “affordable “housing units for those of us who live on just Social Security and are Srs & Disabled! Just My Opinion!

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