it’s 2021 and this structure is still rotting…in east whiteland

Christmas 2016 there was a nasty fire adjacent to the Wawa on Planebrook Rd and Lancaster Avenue in Frazer. Here we are now in January, 2020 and ramshackle as a description doesn’t even cover what visibly appears to be a seriously deteriorating structure now does it?

What is going on with this structure? Everyone said that it would come down but it hasn’t so what’s up? We all of course also thought about it again when the human trafficking story broke in East Whiteland in 2020.

Does this structure look safe? Does it look properly secured? Does it give a whole new je ne sais quois to the term slumlord still?

Again, it’s 2021. The fire was 2016. I know these things take time. But it’s clearly a hazard is it not?

4 thoughts on “it’s 2021 and this structure is still rotting…in east whiteland

    • Of course everyone knows who owns it. But East Whiteland Township has to make them do something and they should because it’s not safe at this point

  1. Another travesty is Felix’s Farm Market on Rte. 100 just south of Marchwood. That was such a wonderful market, but ii is an eyesore.

    • I think someone just sent me pictures on that. And you are always welcome to send pictures in via the message function on the blogs Facebook page

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