rantings of a suburban housewife: international women’s day in my house

In honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, the men in my house left not one but two sinks of dishes for ME to clean up last night that I did not see until this morning because I made the mistake of going upstairs earlier than normal .

I have tried leaving the dishes, I have tried not emptying the dishwasher, and all it does is cause more dirty dishes to pile up. And I hate the look of a messy kitchen.

I love my husband and stepson, but I do NOT love this. I have had a full COVID19 year of this, and I don’t ask for much around the house except basically things that are common courtesy or once in a while helping around the house. I would love to have these little things without having to nag about it.

Little things also include making your bed, which is something that my stepson finds particularly annoying. Essentially he treats me like housekeeping in a dorm. He finds most everything I do or say annoying.

If home, he literally stays holed up in his room either on his classes or his games. It’s a little sad because I remember the little boy who once upon a time wanted to know what I was cooking in the kitchen and who used to make me his go to childhood snack of peanut butter on apple slices.

I understand that a global pandemic has turned the world of the young completely upside down, but hello? I’m here too. This global pandemic has affected ALL of our worlds and I joke about being the maid and chatelaine, but I am kind of over it.

Some days I am very tempted to treat them like the messy girl who lived in a beach house with me and others one summer when I was much, much younger. She never wanted to do her dishes either, so we put a beach towel on her bed and piled her dirty dishes on them. After that she learn to do her dishes.

This is why a lot of the time I don’t feel I can leave the kitchen and go upstairs for the night to watch TV or read a book or whatever until the kitchen is completely cleaned up because if I don’t, I come down to this in the morning. To the male in the human species, this really doesn’t matter. But to most women I know, not leaving little dishes all piled up is a little thing that goes a very long way.

And I don’t necessarily think my husband should be stuck with these chores, either. He works hard every day. But my stepson, as much as I love him, has never really helped around the house. He lives here, and simply put, he is NOT a bad person, he is a love, but he is Captain Oblivious to everything that doesn’t immediately affect him, and sorry not sorry, I don’t expect him to be my man servant but it would be nice if he helped once in a while.

Is my life so hard? No it’s not. I have a really nice life. But there are little things in this world that make any woman feel appreciated in a household. And it’s pretty basic, little things like cleaning up the kitchen and not leaving two sinks full of dishes or even one sink full of dishes goes a long way.

File under rantings of a suburban housewife and have a nice day. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

4 thoughts on “rantings of a suburban housewife: international women’s day in my house

  1. Ugh…I can’t stand it either. At least run water on them so they don’t get all crusted!!

  2. One thing I did about three months ago was make a list of every chore that was left to me, feeding the cats, grocery shopping, doing dishes, sweeping, etc. I gave the list to my husband and daughter (who was home because of the pandemic) I told them something has to give. They don’t realize how much you do. That helped for a while. She’s back at school now so my frustration has gone down, and she’s happier too!

  3. I’m laughing, not at you, but at sharing a similar conundrum. Even though it’s only my husband and I living in the house, he’s a slob and prefers to eat his dinner after 9 p.m. and doesn’t clean up after himself.

    If he “cooks” something, he uses so many bowls, plates, utensils, where if I’m making the same thing, I streamline… and I clean up after myself.

    I was too tired to clean up the kitchen last night, knowing I would wake up to both sinks filled with dirty dishes, even some on the counter. Sigh…

  4. Arguing with a woman is like reading the Software License agreement. In the end you have to ignore everything and click on “I agree”.

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