swiss mess

Swiss Pines is a real Swiss Mess. I wrote about Swiss Pines a few years ago (see along charlestown road and swiss pines.)

Swiss Pines is still a magical place although totally beat up looking now from the road. Last news I heard was that Swiss Pines is saved but I hope to God something happens with it soon.

4 thoughts on “swiss mess

  1. I used to love that place. Who owns it now? Would love some cuttings from there!

  2. 37 years ago Frank and I were part of many many firefighters and EMS personnel that spent all night one of the last Saturday nights in July of 1985 battling a fire at the main house at Swiss Pines! East Whiteland Fire Company knew of the facility but very few had ever visited! It is was over 1 mile from the front gate to the building and the only available water source was an ingrown pool, the firefighters quickly emptied and then they were supplied by a water tanker task force from near and far, coming in that narrow windy road in front (??Charlestown Road) hooking up to the mile length of hose down the driveway and emptying their load of water to move out and let the next tanker come in! I was part of the ambulance crew; always on site at a fire for injured firefighters or victims! We were walking in from the road when the orders came to stand back as we had heard what we thought was fireworks! No live ammunition was exploding in the house!! Made for a very exciting but loooong night!! I believe because of the ammunition most of the building was a loss and although not in pristine shape before the fire this was the beginning of the demise of Swiss Pines for sure!!

  3. So sad. Wish there were some pix of the early years. Seems like it was used at9 one point for weddings, or am I thinking of somewhere else?

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