dear lowes

UPDATE: I am going to update this post to let you know how truly impressed I was by Lowe’s executive escalation customer service. I don’t know exactly what they call themselves but they come out of corporate and they were amazing.

My second part of my delivery went off without a hitch last evening, and the driver came from the Reading area which is usually where Lowes deliveries seem to come from for me. This driver (as opposed to the one I had a problem with who came from someplace else) was so nice, pleasant, professional, and really skillful with a big truck and forklift on a small street.


Dear Lowes,

I also sent this to your CEO Marvin Ellison. I am also going to hit him up on Twitter.

I pay for Lowes to deliver heavy things. It’s a bit pricey for delivery. Usually everything is flawless, but today has been a disaster and I’m pissed.

I ordered bagged gravel and rocks. I order gravel and rocks for my garden pretty much every year.

Today’s issues began with your XPO delivery service calling my house at 6:45AM this morning. An automated call. That is not satisfactory. It woke everyone up.

I had a Ryder rental truck show up about 20 minutes ago. With a partial delivery and the guy did not speak much English and was visibly annoyed with me because he couldn’t understand me, and he almost took out my mailbox! And a really big flower pot!

He wanted to just dump 30 LB bags of rocks on my front walk and go. I NEVER TAKE HEAVY DELIVERIES THERE! Why? Because blocking a front walk is a problem. Deliveries actually go less than 15 feet to the left. It’s not like I’m asking them to cart stuff all over the property so what’s the big deal? I’m still a customer correct?

The second part of my order is somewhere. I am not sure when it will arrive.

So I also try to call XPO. The first time the woman can’t hear me for some reason and just hangs up. The second time I reached a man in the Philippines who seem to understand me pretty well and was very nice but he wasn’t really helpful.

Then I try to call your Lowes corporate offices and I can’t get anyone on the phone because magically your offices are closed even though it’s still the business day. Did I mention I work from home and you are causing me not to be able to work from home because I had to put everything on hold to figure this out?

Let’s go back to the first driver not only was he not speak English he wasn’t wearing a mask I guess it’s hot so I guess he won’t want to wear it while driving, but when he speaking with a customer face to face he should be wearing a mask, or offer to. I don’t know if he’s vaccinated.

Please note I am giving you a picture of the truck and how close it was to my nice new mailbox.

If I am paying for a service I expect that service to be good. I don’t expect to have to figure out why I have a split delivery when nobody told me I was having a split delivery and I also should not have to deal with delivery people who do not speak English and it makes you wonder if they have a valid drivers license?

Dissatisfiedly yours,