when things seem to be decided ahead of time….

The meeting recording will stand on it’s own. Yo’ East Whiteland don’t Delco Our Chesco.

Well, East Whiteland did what East Whiteland does best on August 11th: cleared more hurdles for yet another barftastic development plan. What they did about Knickerbocker was essentially bend over. (Read about what meeting was about HERE)

What I found truly fascinating is even Chester County Planning paused on this plan. But nope East Whiteland and the solicitor who speaks for all these days knew better, didn’t they?

This is what Chester County said:

East Whiteland voted unanimously for the zoning changes (you can find the nitty gritty embedded in the East Whiteland agenda) .

(Watch the video.)

East Whiteland’s Supervisors seem led all meeting by their solicitor and well he works for them, correct? Tonight was one of those meetings where it felt like they worked for him, didn’t it? (Again, watch the video, see for yourself.) And is the solicitor ill? He did not look well and Sue Drummond’s Cruella de Ville scaredo-hairdo sure was something, wasn’t it?

Something that was apparent was the fact that every single supervisor acted like they made up their minds before the public hearing even occurred and isn’t that politically pathetic?

Why hold a hearing if you already have made up your collective minds?

Truly, I do not have much to say. I knew it wouldn’t matter what residents felt or said. It never does, does it?

I am glad they were so safety minded with how they did the meeting, however. That at least they did right.








And about those Amazon worries that peppered the meeting? Can someone please clarify if Amazon was actually coming to town? And would that have been as bad as all of these whatevers they will be when built?

Again, I ask what do you do with an old landfill? Kind of depends what’s in it doesn’t it? What is even in Knickerbocker? Honestly I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to live in a housing development where it used to be, would you? The family that owns the landfill wants to sell it and selling it isn’t the problem it’s what the prospective owner a developer wants to do with it and the additional density for the area which presents issues, correct?

This is another overly dense and crappy plan that will clog our roads, stress our infrastructure, and add to the overcrowding of the school district. My gosh, even the mighty Trout Unlimited showed up again, didn’t they? (Watch the video)

East Whiteland just bends over for developers at the expense of residents.