what to do about knickerbocker? even chester county planning commission has hit pause with new letter.

Landfills are a dirty business. Literally. East Whiteland has good old Knickerbocker as a subject of a public hearing on Wednesday, August 11th. It will be a hybrid meeting which means you can go in person or you can go via Zoom.

So what do you do with an old landfill? Kind of depends what’s in it doesn’t it? What is even in Knickerbocker? Honestly I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to live in a housing development where it used to be, would you? The family that owns the landfill wants to sell it and selling it isn’t a problem it’s what the prospective owner a developer wants to do with it which presents issues, correct?

So this whole thing presents an interesting development conundrum for East Whiteland. Why do I say that? Because Chester County Planning doesn’t seem too keen on this and basically says pause, yet East Whiteland seems to be full steam ahead?

People have been writing to me about the proposed developer-beneficial zoning changes at Knickerbocker. I have decided to share one message because it’s informative:

📌 Hi here is information regarding the BOS meeting on 8/11 in East Whiteland for the rezoning of Knickerbocker. Our BOS are allowing things ot happen that make me wonder….Things of note – the restrictive covenant will be modifiable. WTH? That means the township and/or developer can change it after it’s approved or TERMINATE it. It’s supposed to provide restrictions and protection. It also allows for stacked townhomes and – wait for it – the former landfill will be placed in the homeowner’s association. Sneaky!!! So the new homeowners will be liable if anything will go wrong with the landfill – and you know it will. Here is the link to it if you would like to share. This is the last chance the residents will have to take a stand against it. Also I have heard that the meeting will be virtual and in-person hybrid. https://www.eastwhiteland.org/DocumentCenter/View/2146/Voluntary-Declaration-of-Restrictive-Covenant-RRHC-clean-7821📌

Oh East Whiteland….sigh….y’all just want to kick every can down the road until someday there will be this giant expensive pile of cans to deal with, right?

So East Whiteland’s Supervisor meeting will have a packed agenda tomorrow August 11th. (Click HERE for agenda.)

This all gives me pause, but will it give the supervisors pause? I think two out of the three will be full steam ahead caution be damned. Because that is what two out of the three supervisors always do. The developer will remind everyone again they are local, and to that I would say well dude then you really should present better plans but I am but a mere mortal and a female blogger, right?

Residents and concerned citizens, you need to giddy-up to this meeting. Especially if you are on the side of the township where this plan would be built.

Once again I will be honest and say there is TOO much development Chester County. And maybe people wouldn’t object to so many plans if there weren’t so many bad plans.

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