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This. See that sign? “Preserved Farm”. Love that. We should do this in Chester County.

We do celebrate land preservation but not enough celebrating of farm preservation like they do in Bucks County, PA.

We were visiting friends in Bucks County yesterday and I saw these “Preserved Farm” signs everywhere.

Bucks County has been besieged by development and developers since the 1980s. In my opinion that was when the major incursions occurred. Like Troll Brothers.

Here in Chester County we are still suffering from development, and at an ever increasing rate. I would love to see a preserved farm initiative with wonderful signs like this. Now don’t misunderstand me, Chester County does believe in farmland preservation and does have a preservation program, but Bucks County just seems to be excelling at it.

When I got home I did a little Googling. Bucks County by all appearances has a thriving agricultural preservation program. And then there is the involvement of the Land Trust of Bucks County and their farmland inspection program which assists with the agricultural preservation program.

I will freely admit I don’t know enough about either the program in Bucks County or Chester County to know if they are equal or unequal, but in Bucks County it seems more visible as a program and I think that makes a huge difference.

And if you have any questions about land conservation or preservation, we do have amazing groups to consult with. One of my favorites is Natural Lands.

Anyway I thought these “Preserved Farm” signs were genius.

Happy Sunday.

7 thoughts on “awesome idea

  1. Hi! You saw a small snapshot of Bucks County. I’m guessing you were on 611 from the turnpike headed toward Doylestown. That area will trick you. Go into Hatboro/Warminster/Southhampton and that area where there are TWO of everything on a corner. Two Walmarts, two CVS pharmacies etc.

    I agree with you we need a better deal in Chester County. I would just hold Bucks County up as a cautionary tale as to why preservation is so important.

      • That’s the area! Again, totally agree with the need to preserve land in Chester County. I just think you saw the picturesque part of Bucks. The reality of it is something altogether different.

      • I am pretty familiar with the area. A bunch of family up there. And I have seen the OTHER parts of Bucks which is why I appreciate these farms being preserved.

  2. Would love to see that too. Also, I wish we had a tree preservation program. I hate seeing all the trees cut down just because they’re in the way. There should be a mandatory tree replacement law. The guy next to us cut down every tree along the road in front of his property so his building could be seen. He said he was going to replace the trees and spring has come and gone and all we can see now is a field of weeds.

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