in west goshen, the fox wants to be inside the henhouse…

Seems innocent enough, right? Tinamarie Smith running as a Democrat for West Goshen Supervisor? Butter won’t melt in her mouth and as sweet as cotton candy at a country fair?

Stop the presses.

Here’s a good one for you: A 30+ years employee of Sunoco is running for WGT supervisor. As a supposed environmentalist ( she has a BS in business?)

But it’s West Goshen so what do we expect? But do we have to consider that if this person is a former Sunoco employee is that like letting the fox in the hen house when it comes to pipelines and municipalities in Chester County?

This political candidate removed her post about a valve leak and disappeared overnight. She had been asked questions by local pipeline activists (otherwise known as concerned residents) which she kind of ignored and deleted the entire post as opposed to answering the questions which kind of answers the ultimate question of what residents will get if they elect a former LONG TERM employee of Sunoco to elected public office right? Isn’t West Goshen one of those places which doesn’t need elected officials like this?

So like her former employer she colors outside of the lines and doesn’t answer questions right? Has anyone checked her campaign finance reports to see who (and what entities) have donated to her campaign?

Oh yes…the screenshots:

Now y’all know I don’t vote in West Goshen. And I find West Goshen to be politically problematic most of the time. And a lot of this woman’s local experience has to do with the sewer authority in West Goshen which I seem to recall has had lots of issues over the years?

People meet the fox 🦊. If you let her into the henhouse expect dead chickens 🐓 . No she’s literally not a fox and no West Goshen isn’t literally a henhouse.

Kind of like talking about a Wolf 🐺 in sheep’s 🐑 clothing which I also think applies here don’t you?

The tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️ would be a better choice for supervisor here.

Here is all about her from her fuzzy bunnies Facebook campaign page:

Here’s her LinkedIn:

Here she is all smiles on the West Goshen Democrats Facebook page:

Just say NO. This woman needs to withdraw from the race. Sorry to dump a load of crap on my readers for Saturday but I thought this was too politically wonky to ignore.

5 thoughts on “in west goshen, the fox wants to be inside the henhouse…

  1. Although not a WG resident either… I guess this gives her a chance to demonstrate her environmental bona fides. Many of us who consider ourselves environmentalists don’t have degrees in that area; and I have known former DuPont employees who were environmentally committed. She does say she “would work on the existing failing storm water infrastructure,” which is indeed an absolutely critical area. I suggest, let’s not prejudge her by her (unsavory) former employer and see how well she uses the 3 months before the election to prove herself.

    • If she had nothing to hide she would have said in her Facebook candidate profile that the petroleum or energy company she worked for was Sunoco and she does not.

    • So maybe you think I am being unfair but I think if she owned on her Facebook candidate page and even her candidate website that yes she indeed worked for Sunoco instead of not naming the company I think I would be probably more willing to at least listen to her. But that combined with the fact that she did not answer questions posed to her by affected residents tells me she’s not a good candidate

  2. OK.. where has she been
    Working years: 1977 to 1984 Sunoco
    1984 to 1988 ERM
    1988 to 2009 Sunoco
    2009 to present JD2 environmental

    She started with Sunoco, took 4 years off to work with an international environmental company. About 27 years at Sunoco. And 4 + years at ERM.

    ERM…”In pursuit of our purpose, we draw on more than 50 years of environmental, health, safety, risk and social experience of partnering with our clients to define goals and translate them into action. Sustainability pioneers with a reputation for excellence since 1971, we continue to strive today to make a positive difference for our clients, for society, and for the planet. …

    She went back to Sunoco in 1988 to 2009 when she went to JD2 a storage tank mgmt co,

    “JD2 can inventory, characterize, prioritize, and assess the risk of your storage tanks, and help you make economically sound…”
    Design, Inspection, Compliance, Expert Testimony, Training Services.

    Yeah. I see a major problem here…

  3. I’m sure her bosses at Sunoco are thrilled that she’s running for office. This is indeed scary stuff!

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