local businesses in malvern need the help of the community

Photos and italicized text are from a Malvern business owner. I feel very badly for them.

📌Ok Malvern we need help with the kids! The kids sit out front of the butcher shop, which we don’t mind. What I do mind is they constantly leave tons of trash on the bench, the ground and the window sills, dump their drinks on the ground and smash up food that I go out and pick up. It’s not a good image when customers are coming into the store or walking the shopping center. I have reminded the kids multiple times to pick up their trash before they leave. I even went out one day and screamed across the parking lot for them to come back and clean up after seeing the huge mess they left out there. Now yesterday I went and bought a trash can and sat it right next to the bench so it’s convenient for them. Tonight we go to leave to find more trash (we already picked some up before I took a picture) and they punched in the lid of the can and kicked the can in. I am at my wits end and need suggestions?? What else can we do? I don’t want to be a meanie, but I also refuse to let these kids continue trashing the shopping center and me having to clean up after them every day, multiple times a day! HELP!!! I’m waving the I surrender flag 🏳📌

Ok I don’t get these kids and also do not understand why Malvern Borough hasn’t done anything or the Malvern Business Association? I am sharing this out there so hopefully people can help these small businesses out.

2 thoughts on “local businesses in malvern need the help of the community

  1. Carla, Back in the day in Coatesville, we had ‘beat’ Cops who, in the event they came across ‘youngsters’ who did something against the law, would walk them to their home
    and address the situation with their parents. Of course, that back in the day. Today, parents don’t seem to ‘give a damn’. Take the bench away…call the Cops…talk to the Business Association. By God, someone should care. Thanks for posting, Carla. Malvern is MY HOME TOWN!!!

  2. I agree above. The shop owner should call the police when the trash is being made and have the ids taken to the station where the parents have to come and pick them up. After all, aren’t they under age? Or, the police make them clean it up. This way the store owner is not involved and being antagonized. My girls grew up in Malvern and they respected property, public or personal and knew the consequences if anyone got out of line.

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