easttown officials bring the uglies to berwyn

Berwyn is a gem, or was a gem. It’s getting redevelopment within an inch of it’s life, and the development is neither gracious or blending in. Just one cram plan after the other.

The development is garish, jarring, and thus far rather cheap looking. Apparently Easttown Township wants them all crammed in like lemmings.

Easttown officials as in the elected persuasion are not user friendly. They are most succinctly put self-serving, snide, and sanctimonious. They all no better than the peasants. They are quite feudal in attitude.

The erectile dysfunction going up on Route 30/Lancaster Avenue is even more disturbing than it appeared on all the plans. And you know how those plans are presented -always like the proverbial Elysian Fields.

The houses behind the erectile dysfunction look like Lego McMansions and are so crammed together you will hear the neighbors flush their toilets. It’s a cute and cozy relationship between the builder and listing agent too, right? And if there were fewer houses in this nouveau “Berwyn Village”, it wouldn’t be so bad, but once again it’s just too many damn houses.

The erectile dysfunction seems like it’s trying to maroon the Berwyn Tavern. It was the old Fritz Lumber site. Now everyone knew once Fritz closed it was going to be developed, but once again it’s going to be too much and too big. Between all of the apartments here and the monstrosity yet to break ground across Lancaster Ave at “Berwyn Square”, Berwyn is getting supersized in the worst possible way.

When that project is finished it’s going to be as ugly as what has happened and is still happening in Ardmore, PA and elsewhere.

Urban Canyons designed solely to line the pockets of developers. Maybe they will fund a traffic signal here and there, but they will just plop this crap on a community and move onto the next project.

These development projects stresses infrastructure, first responders, and school districts…just to point out SOME of the obvious. Communities are never in my opinion adequately or justly compensated for having to suffer through this crap.

R.I.P. charming Berwyn. Hope the ratables will be worth it, Easttown Township.

3 thoughts on “easttown officials bring the uglies to berwyn

    • Actually I feel sorry for the people on sugar town Road that will be the new cut through another very little traffic on Lancaster from PAOLI to the acne in Devon

  1. OMG! Those towers look hideous! They all lack taste…the commissioners, the builders, the architects. What a bunch of bozos.
    The same lack of taste is happening next door to me. Someday take a jaunt down Edges Mill Rd. from rt. 322. The guy next to us is all proud of his accomplishments with his company and wants the whole world know where they can buy augers. He cut down all the trees along the street and is now planning to build another building to the right of the existing one. We can’t wait to see the halogen lights all night in our bedroom. And as soon as you pass the flat building, you will see the 300 year old village. Nobody cares about our historical district.I’m ready to plant kudsu and hope it grows toward the east of our house.

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