what’s that about a good old fashioned amish shunning?

The Amish shun. Some Mennonites too. Also known as Meidung, this refers to their practice of social exclusion and discipline. After all we have had to tolerate since COVID of the bleating sheeple of freedom (UNmask Chester County, Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism, parents in boys’ wrestling locker rooms in a certain Chester County public school, etc.) it’s not a bad idea.

These people think their rights are more important than anyone else’s.

They are not.

I am tired of living in a world where once they escape the echo chambers of their closed Facebook groups and tell us we HAVE to listen to THEM and THEY are the only ones who are right. They surface in school board meetings, harangue small business owners and apparently medical practices now over masking policies.

Now masks for the most part are no longer required, but there is still enough COVID around that medical practices and hospitals require them. I do not know if businesses for the most part have divorced themselves of the practice, but if they have NOT, why not just respect them? Who does it hurt?

Yes, there are people who made it a point of harassing small businesses especially in Downingtown it seems for their masking policies. Why so much in Downingtown? Or a better question is why are so many people in Downingtown obsessed with this stuff? Is there something in the drinking water?

And apparently they are STILL talking about masking and masks. I know that there is one business I used to love to patronize until we all learned the owner’s relative was one of those harassing small businesses in the same area over masking policies. I thought that was a horrible thing to do. I do not wish to hurt this business, but their relative’s giving other businesses the business over masks leaves me uncomfortable. So I stay away for now.

What I have learned recently is the people who thought masks were terrible are still talking about masks? Is that all that is in their lives besides book banning? How very sad.

So there is apparently still this UNmask Chester County Group. A lot of the members are also the book burning/banners too. There are snippets of videos of these folks all over the Internet taken at local school board meetings. No need to re-post.

However, the group had a birthday of founding recently and a member video was posted. Thought I would share. She describes herself as a “Model/Actress, Classy With a Hint of Kanye” elsewhere. According to her I am a horrible and terrible woman. She left me a comment once in October 2021 with her life coach hat on. But I will never be her kind of woman, I do not wear tutus to the laundromat. And that is fine. We all do not need to be carbon copies of one and other. I do find that all rather interesting: women who tell other women how to live their best lives and purportedly be independent individuals, yet you are supposed to think exactly like they do? You see, if I had be fawning and telling her she was fabulous and always right, or telling the mask protestors they were the most awesome people ever, I never would have received a comment or critique from her.

Anyway, she left a video in the unmasking group. Yes, it’s another social media echo chamber group with many, many leaks. This is probably just a snippet, but it is more than enough.

I do not understand these people. Why are they still going on about masks? If they don’t wish to see their doctors or go to a business that prefers masks, still, why not just NOT go? Why do we have to keep listening to them talk about it? These people have their freedom to choose and not everyone has to play along, do they?

Look I do not LIKE wearing masks. But if someone asks, I will still do it. It’s not impinging upon my freedom, it’s being courteous and well….cautious. And I totally understand WHY they want it in doctors offices. It’s not my place to judge.

These people love to talk about the “woke” mentality. Whom they coin “woke” they like to criticize, say that “woke” people have a superiority complex that “they” are better than everyone else. That’s some pretzel logic, especially considering these woke police are the ones who are telling the rest of us they are far superior to everyone else, right?

This is a big wide world belonging to all of us, not some of us. Why should I be forced or anyone else to adapt to their perpetual pretzel logic? The answer is we do not.

Amish shunning anyone?

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  1. Wow! This is an advertisement for the businesses she is trying to shame! I’m headed there this weekend because I know these restaurants are concerned with public safety!

    PS? Someone needing to call 911 because this lady is “just trying to get a cup of coffee”? Uh huh. What else was she doing? Beside attention seeking?

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