down the rabbit hole: what happened to arbor learning academy in malvern, pa?

Might as well go full on down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. Arbor Learning Academy in Malvern on Ravine Road. What in the Sam Hell has happened there??? There is something brewing and bubbling and a police investigation and it’s CLOSED?

Recently as in within the past few days I was getting messages asking me if I knew what happened to Arbor Learning Academy. I had no clue. I pulled up their website yesterday I think it was and it was…well…scrubbed. When I went to pull up , what I got was:

O.K. that definitely made me interested and guess what? I picked it all off on a web cache.

Then this showed up and is being passed around Facebook and like everything else in this post is publicly sourced:

But what did this grammatically challenged letter even mean? To most families the woman who was “fired” was always the one folks thought was the owner. (The word “fired” is in quotes because you will see a little further down she claims otherwise, so it’s in dispute it seems?) See this post from some point in Stepford Wives For Totalitarianism where she self-describes as “owner”:

I pulled the corporate stuff that anyone can view on the PA site to look up corporate names. This is all I got:

So who the hell actually owns this joint? A great mystery of life. Then this thing appeared on Facebook, of which didn’t get the whole explanation which is why I put “fired” in quotes because this differs from whomever is now saying they are the “owner” :

So I am guessing, that missive above prompted this next screen shot. A reporter reaching out. But haven’t seen an article yet:

So what else? Oh I pulled some of the inspections things off of the PA Compass website of which I pulled a selection and you can all go look up it all yourselves:

Alrighty then, sign me glad I do not have need of one of these daycare places. Except there are some really good ones. I will be honest from the time I saw this being proposed on some agenda in East Whiteland I thought this was hinky, mostly because I found the location totally odd.

I still, like the rest of you, do not have answers. But something is obviously going on. So what gives? It would be a neat trick to learn who actually REALLY owns this Arbor Learning Academy wouldn’t it? And should this place even re-open? Would people trust it?

5 thoughts on “down the rabbit hole: what happened to arbor learning academy in malvern, pa?

  1. This article is literally misleading. The business is an LLC. Premier education LLC is the business name. All financial stuff would go through the business, the LLC that the owner owns. This information isn’t really helpful considering anyone who knows what an LLC is could find out that if u own a business, you typically have bank accounts, other investment accounts, credit cards, maybe even a vehicle loan in your businesses name.

  2. Anything that has been published about the staff or administration is absolutely false. The financier/OWNER has been spreading false rumors regarding the staff and their misconduct. The financier must stand up and take ownership of all of the chaos she has created. All staff warned her that the center would not survive but she kept pushing demanding less and less pay and high tuition. It is sad because when the director was in charge of the school the school flourished. As soon as the financier stepped in it all went to hell. I believe the financier is from China and will do anything and everything in her power to bring down all of the recently employed blaming this disaster on them.

    • Please be advised I will be forwarding this comment to the police with the email address and IP address attached

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