it’s dress up day for chester county politics!

Some political seasons just lend themselves to photoshopping and political lampoons. It’s a tradition as old as this country – political lampoons not photoshopping, come on now keep up.

Gail Newman and Sarah Marvin who are both running for PA State Rep make election season fun! Always posing for photos, always patriotic, searching for their “patriots.” (Is that code for political pimp? I honestly don’t know, so I’m asking.)

Now I realize their best buddy #whereisGUY , Napoleon “Guy” Ciarrocchi will be very upset they aren’t wearing a dress with HIS face on it, but oh well, they all must worship their ultimate master, yes?

But I do think these nubile politicians look lovely, absolutely gorg doing matchy matchy with one of their political heroines, while wearing bespoke dresses featuring their lord and master.

Cheers and stay dry this weekend!

Politically yours in Chester County,

💋💋 me 💋💋

2 thoughts on “it’s dress up day for chester county politics!

  1. Omg. Gonna be sick. So many …uh…very unattractive things about dress. Pattern’s the same. His head resting between…oh…umm. yeah. On thier chests …on their tummies and right between their legs. What really adds some humor is each angry trump face has Jimmy Durante nose!

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