rambling around

Yesterday was glorious. Rambled around a bit and got lots of gardening done.

One of the roads I was on yesterday was S. Whitford in West Whiteland. It seems to be the new road of rotting historic houses. Soon, the Joseph Price house will be unrestorable. Yes it is that bad. Then up a bit on the opposite side of the road is the old McIlvaine farmhouse that originally was a tenant farmhouse on the Oaklands estate I think it was called. (See https://westwhiteland.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_07082019-695 and https://www.westwhiteland.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_01102022-1000 )

West Whiteland has a lot of history to it. Also traveled into Uwchlan and Upper Uwchlan. Again, so much history that development has practically obliterated, but at least some beauty survives.

Stop and see the beauty of Chester County . But if it’s someone else’s farm you are admiring, please remember it’s not your farm and farms are not petting zoos open to the public and for mini photo sessions with a digital photographer just whenever.

Ramble on. Preserve Chester County.

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  1. While it may seen kinda silly, I am saddened –and angry– that the historic homes and properties are disappearing. Way back..whenever it was, the county realized that too many farms were under pressure to sell to developers. There was an act(?) To help preserve farms.. e.g. Rock Raymond Farm. The field on Commerse will be a major development soon. The fields of another former farm finally got the ok to build a Giant grocery plus other stores next to ….what used to ba Croppers…etc.
    With every local election there seem to be more promises to protect the land and historical homes that are immediately forgotten…

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