dodgy fashionista? say it isn’t so! quelle horreur!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Gotta love Savvy and the perfect, yes perfect turn of phrase!!! But remember, she lives her life accordingly, right? We’re still trying to figure out according to what, however….

Remember the splashy Wayne boutique owner, Hillary White Jean, whose dodgy business dealings we revealed in our last issue? Well, her legal woes are mounting.

For starters, her latest bankruptcy filing – her 8th filing in 12 years – was a bust. U.S. Bankruptcy Court dismissed her claim on March 23 after she failed to file the required documentation and skipped out on the Zoom call with the bankruptcy judge and creditors.

Also, shortly after our story ran, Jean’s current Wayne landlord filed charges against her for $3,000 in unpaid rent. By law, that case had to be put on hold while her bankruptcy claim was pending, but with the bankruptcy dismissed, it can now go forward if her landlord so chooses.

And Jean has a few new court dates. The Commonwealth filed a criminal complaint against her on March 13 for her behavior in Delaware County District Court in February, officially charging her with harassment, disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a recording device (per her arrest by Newtown Township Police). A preliminary hearing on those charges is set for April 20.

On Monday of this week, she was due back in criminal court for a pretrial conference in one of the bad checks/theft by possession cases.

~ Savvy Main Line 4/18/23

I think she’s due in court this week in general isn’t she? What a lot of people have noticed after she vented her spleen, and tried to Doxx people and was generally obnoxious and implied that she got caught by the law because it was a racist thing, and that is still one of the craziest things we’ve ever heard, right? And then she was kind of playing peek-a-boo on social media wasn’t she?

And where’s the
“exclusive showroom” anyway?

Hillary White Jean or Hillary White Joseph or Jean White Hillary or whatever she is calling herself has created her life, including what is happening at present. Who knows what the future holds, but she is the captain of her own ship isn’t she? This has nothing to do with race or class bias or whatever the excuse du jour is does it? It’s a simple case of right and wrong.

File under GIRL BYE?

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  1. Sooooo glad this scamming bitch is getting hers. Hi “H”. Remember me🖕

  2. She threatened to do voodoo on me because I confronted her about her not paying my son for work he did for her.

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