grab your popcorn and meet the sacrificial lambs of the chesco dems, the “filing 5”

Well they aren’t letting this go, and neither am I. This whole thing? In my humble opinion to eliminate a threat from their limited world order. But I never want to run for office, etc, so I might as well ponder aloud, right?


So when the news *magically* broke in the 11th hour, the Chester County Democratic Committee was taking action?

And then good Granma Charlotte Valyo sent it to the media too, also referencing action taken by the CCDC?

But then, like *magic* in the 11 3/4 hour a different tune was being sung. That it was the filing 5, it wasn’t the Chester County Democratic Committee?

I love a good political drama, don’t you? Or is this a messy family sitcom?

So the names. Some of these fine “upstanding” Democraps had no problem with a candidate who had issues, but they have a problem with Paige Simmons?

Gosh that is AMAZING isn’t it? That was the guy who caused a LOT of convention drama recently, right? But he is A-OK? And I don’t know the guy but it is a valid comparison to make isn’t it? They forgive this guy his sins but her they wish to crucify? I will say it again: PRETZEL LOGIC.

I guess I am just confused? Lenny Rivera could be forgiven ummmm….mistakes, yet they are going whole hog after Magisterial District Justice Paige Simmons? That is so twisted AF pretzel logic, right? Don’t respond, you KNOW it is is. God don’t like ugly, and this is ugly. Also being all up in the Kool Aid and not knowing the flavor comes to mind as well, yes?

Also….even if you think you are the CCDC parliamentarian, it doesn’t mean you are, does it? Kind of like that great line from the movie “Working Girl”

Sometimes, I dance around my apartment in my underwear… doesn’t make me Madonna, never will.

~ Joan cusak as Cynthia working girl 1988

Election day yesterday also saw this interesting back and forth with someone on a Mid Chester County Democrats:

So gosh it makes you wonder about what roles within their own areas the Filing 5 have right? Their relationship with the party chair for the county?

Kieran Francke – Oxgrove Dems – CP 330 London Britton? Rachel Wick – Zone Leader – Mid-Chester County Dems? Russ Phiffer – Oxgrove Dems CP – 340 London Grove, District 13 Leader, Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee Leader? Carol Catanese – Kennet Dems CP 454 Pennsbury North 2? Whitney Hoffman – Zone Leader – Kennett Dems?

Do I have any of those assignments wrong? So does someone want to tell me how the fix isn’t in here? Who is the voice of the Mid-Chester County Dems on Facebook? (Except I bet that might change in light of this at some point so does it matter?) CP= Committee Person — they are part of the CCDC by default, an elected (or appointed) position to represent their portion of the county, right? So sating the CP role is covered in the by-laws for the CCDC, but its mostly to distribute literature, gather volunteers, and work the table outside of the polling place to make sure sample ballots get out, is this their role too? To be of use when the party needs bodies for other things?

Are they avenging angels against any other candidates? And if they were avenging angels on other candidates why not announce that in the 11th hour too?

I am all for election filings being accurate. For example, will we see anything about State Rep Kristine Howard who pissed everyone off by trying to run for judge? And by everyone I mean the Chester County Democratic Committee because that was the talk around town, wasn’t it?

I am still calling bullshit on this. Why? Because at the end of the day:

(1) Can Charlotte Valyo really say she didn’t orchestrate this?

(2) Can the Chester County Democratic Committee REALLY say they embrace people interested in running for office on any level unless they pre-approve them?

(3) Can the filing 5 have judgement which can be trusted, considering?

(4) Can any of these political skunks on a very minute political stage actually say they are doing this for the right reasons?

It’s time for new leadership at the Chester County Democratic Committee and it’s time that old wood is also exited, right? Because what is one thing about old wood and the Chester County Democratic Committee? Is it if you don’t burn this current house down, nothing ever will change?

I can’t support this constant BS from either political party. It makes me re-think being a Democrat. And I am certainly not a Republican any longer. But Pennsylvania doesn’t have open primaries so essentially Independents are denied primary rights.

If “voters should evaluate and choose elected officials based on their trustworthiness and their ability to make good judgments and follow the rule of law” then how do they allow for pure political vindictiveness?

Sign me disgusted with democracy and no wonder voter turnout is low. Also ponder they have given the Chester County Republican Committee so much FREE fodder, haven’t they? Which if they can get out of their Trumpian way will help them perhaps?

19 thoughts on “grab your popcorn and meet the sacrificial lambs of the chesco dems, the “filing 5”

  1. …Do you think the complaint was made because Judge Simmons said something in public that they didn’t approve of or countered one of their own absurd statements?

    Do you think they’re…pulling a DeSantis trick?

    • No not at all. She just scares the crap out of them because she’s got on the ballot for district justice as a write in initially and then won. It’s all about being an independent thinker, and running for the right reasons

  2. Carla… look at the history of the Phoenixville Country Club.. around 2010.. open space… public $… Schuylkill Township. Then. Fast forward to 2018 and the thefts…

    May want to do a PA OOR docket search…. 😉

      • Common data points….. Different organization.. Essentially like drama.. In the PCC case, there’s over $1M of public $ from 2010-11. Public $ to bail out a private country club??? You want a sense of how this drama came to be? There’s some relevant, verifiable history that may add context. There’s also the specific agreement between the club and the township. Has that been honored?

  3. You’re right. It isn’t your job. None of this is. It’s relevant context for your content. The story is already out there and freely available. If no interest, then do be that. Valyo was on the PCC board in 2010 when it got the bailout from Schuylkilll Township. Her husband is also a long time member and board member. Past is prologue. On either count, strong oversight and judgment doesn’t appear to be a well honed skill.

      • How does a private club with an appraised value of $1.2 Million get a $800K mortgage in 2019 when $1.1 Million of the total appraised value is the conservation easement the township paid for with taxpayer money?

      • Here’s an idea: quit using my blog for your personal crusade and go ask the club and / or township

  4. And since that time in 2010 when the negotiations started, to 2011 when the public hearings were had and the $1.2M paid, to this day, the process was never right. The duties and obligations have not been fulfilled. Specific agreements for public township play haven’t been honored either. It was a sham deal to use the guise of conservation easements to use public $ to bail out a mis run and mismanaged private club. Then, enter the 2018 thefts.

    Here’s another fun fact for you. The local bank who did the PCC financing after the thefts and the PCC board, they shared a common board member. Can you say conflict of interest? And yes, a Valyo was on the PCC board when that went down. And that isn’t all the conflicts of interest that existed.

    But hey… what can we say… golf is popular. Especially with the CCDC chair that has a private country club experience, courtesy of the fine tax paying folks of Schuylkill Township. It may be one of the most significant acts of public corruption to happen right under our noses… sort of. There was a major dissenter on the twp board who saw through it all. And she was largely silenced.

    Why is all that relevant? Because the CCDC chair is keen on issuing missives on “Following the rules”, but not necessarily always supporting that same missive when the shoe is on the other foot.

    She couldn’t run the PCC House. She certainly can’t lead any sort of political party. Current conduct proves it. The past record helps to explain it.

    • How does a private club with an appraised value of $1.2 million in 2019 get an $800,000 mortgage when $1.1 million of the value is open space the township paid for with taxpayer $’s? Why did PCC need that cash infusion in 2010? Why did the club sustain 100’s of thousands of dollars of thefts over a 3 year period from 2015-2018? Where was the oversight? Where was the public oversight? Why is PCC still private?

      Follow the $
      Follow the documents about the $

      • I don’t understand why you’re using this blog to air your arguments. And this is John isn’t it?

      • I’m a Schuylkill Township resident and remember this. I thought at the time, for that of money, it be a public course.

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