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I am obsessed with barns.  I looove barns. I love to photograph barns.  In fact, I have photographed so many barns in Chester County, that I might be able to share one barn a day for quite a while.

Today’s barn is the “This is Woman’s Lib” barn.   Malvern Patch actually has a story on it today.  It is the barn on the banner of this blog for the time being as it just tickles my fancy more than some of the ohters.

I have heard a couple of stories on the barn.    Was it a social statement of the day? Was it nothing more than tongue in cheek? How did it get there?  It’s been picked up on other blogs over the years, including this past September 2011.

I don’t know what tomorrow’s blog barn will be…but I will pick one….

3 thoughts on “barns, barns, barns

  1. EXCUSE ME????????????
    You have NO IDEA what this is about and yet you will write a derogatory comment like that? Go meet the people who live there then you will see how incredibly ridiculous your pondering is!! Don’t take creative liberties with people you know nothing about!!
    And have you ever asked them how they feel about you using their barn, their property as your banner??
    You might consider that they are two of the kindest, strongest and most generous people I have ever know and I am quite sure that anyone who grew up in Malvern will agree with me!
    One of the reasons the story isn’t out there is because the locals are respectful of people’s privacy!! Maybe you should be too. Go ask them if they mind you using their barn as your personal property.
    You don’t know these people, don’t speculate about them, stop by, get to know them, and then you will have something to blog about when it comes to their barn!

    • Who is taking creative liberties? The the stories are out there…ask your parents. No one means your parents any disrespect. Sweet Jesus, I wanted to meet them…until this. And FWIW there is no expectation of privacy of photos taken from a public street. And that is exactly where these photos were taken from. I took photos, didn’t move their barn into my back yard for personal use. You owe me an apology, truthfully. And who knew living in Malvern was like being part of a secret society?

      The fact of the matter is if your parents did not want people to speculate about why that is painted on the barn they would have painted over it decades ago.


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