the road too traveled…route 352

Route 352, A/K/A North Chester Road  is too damn busy.  Last night, there was another fatal accident. 

This road winds and meanders through multiple municipalities and I am told the police do try, but still the crashes keep on coming.  Probably because people think it’s a country road you can fly down, but it is very deceptive.  It has many twists and turns, and dips.  And oh yes, there are the deer, and the people who pop out of side streets near Immaculata without looking.

But can anything more be done?  Maybe now it’s time to look at the road again? People just fly up and down it no matter what time of day or night.

I have seen some of the accidents in the last year.

I have seen a car jammed up an embankment that threaded trees on Hershey’s Mill’s property.

I have driven the speed limit on this road with giant SUVs jammed up my ass because the speed limit isn’t fast enough.

For a problematic road, it just doesn’t seem to me that enough attention is paid to it.

How many people have to die on it ?

Update: Willistown woman killed in East Goshen Crash (VIDEO)

Published: Monday, January 09, 2012   Woman, Cats Killed After Car Slams Into Home

The accident happened Sunday night in Chester County. And it’s not just me thinkng about how fast people go on roads in Chester County.  Just read this column by a woman named Regina Fried in Malvern Patch. It orginally appeared on her own stand alone blog, January 2nd.