follow that chickenman and more fun in west vincent

Chester County is a cesspool of convoluted politics, depending upon which municipality you are in.   I am told that one that people really want to have changes in before it’s too late is West Vincent.

West Vincent was the scene of a recent attempt of eminent domain for private gain at Ludwig’s Corner.  West Vincent tried to seize the horse show grounds.

One West Vincent Supervisor, Clare Quinn, lost her job over it. Of course, given it was a non-profit (French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust) at year-end, are we super shocked they did that?

Now Clare is proving to be an interesting study.  She apparently wigs out at residents at meetings and did she really call one a bitch???  She waxed poetic in a slightly fluffy article December 14th on how conservation was her heart or some such horse manure. I still don’t get how she actually thought she could be a conservationist by day and land grabber by night?

Of course what made me almost drop my teeth in this soap opera in the country, was when West Vincent voted to give Clare Quinn full health benefits.  She costs the taxpayers money by a failed attempt at eminent domain for private gain, and now she will cost them some more so they can pay for her healthcare?  REALLY? Was she not offered COBRA by her former employer?  It takes balls to ask the taxpayers you tried to screw for full health benefits.  Sheesh, maybe we should all get jobs in West Vincent, yes?

Even the stench of cheese in the breeze is damn amusing.  Oh that is a reference to eminent domain loving supervisor Ken Miller. I used to buy his cheese from Birchrun Hills Farm…no more.  I won’t put money in the pocket of a man who sanctions eminent domain for private gain and actually has the balls to call himself a Republican. Now he is still giving off a waft of funky monkey given what the chickenman wrote about on December 21st.

If you are interested in the shenanigans of West Vincent (and truly this blip on the map could seriously give reporters months of joy and headlines without getting boring), then you need to sign up for CHICKENMAN.  Chickenman rocks.  Chickenman is like the Delco Tom Paine of Chester County.

Now I have also been following two YouTube channels truthforwestvincent  and aswestvincentturns.