chester county ramblings: farm wandering

O.k. locals, last post of the day and the topic is farms.  When I was a kid, we had friends who had an idyllic piece of land and an amazing old farmhouse in Harleysville in Montgomery County – these were the days before so many plastic and stucco McMonstrosities were planted instead of crops.

One of the best things was not only the fun antiques stores in crossroads villages where there were actual deals to be had, but also visiting the farms which they had as neighbors for produce, poultry, dairy, etc.  It was a slice of heaven and truly local before it was a hip, modern eating/buying trend.

So you already know I like Stratton’s Wynnorr Farm , Yellow Springs Farm (in addition to goat cheese, their plants are AMAZING) and may not know I am a devotee of Sugartown Strawberries and Farmer Bob.

But where else would you send me?  And for what?

Again, leave a comment and thank you for flying chester county ramblings.