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Ok, so where will you send me to eat in Chester County?  Feel Free to leave a comment.  I love BYOBs and country inns, but am happy with an amazing cheeseburger (yes I am a carnivore, so I don’t need or desire vegan offerings, sorry.)

I am not a complete Luddite, I have some places I love.

Gilmore’s in West Chester for one – it was one of the high points of a now thankfully defunct relationship.

Another place?  Kimberton Inn.

I think Peppermill in East Goshen is rocking for breakfast, and I am told that while a bit pricey their pizza is worth it.

Another of my favorites used to be the Yellow Springs Inn.  I have not been to visit them yet since they went BYOB and moved locations on Art School Road.  If anyone has eaten there, let me know how it was!

Another fantastic dining experience would be Birchrunville Store Cafe.

And if you are in the mood for basic comfort/deli food, try Just Mom’s in Glenmoore.  Located on Route 82 (N. Manor Rd.) and Fairview Rds (610-942-34183), they honestly have a cheesesteak that could give Pat’s and Geno’s a run for their money and it is served without atty-tude.

So let me know where you find fun dining experiences, awesome breakfasts or memorable meals – from high-end to diner, this could be a fun post – kind of like Zagat’s for real people!

Please note this is MY blog.  I reserve the right to add, delete, publish posts and comments.  The photos, unless otherwise indicated are mine.  I have fun with digital photography and occasionally take on a new client or project here and there, time permitting.  I have had photo bylines in local, regional and national publications and my writing has also travelled a bit in byline-ville.

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5 thoughts on “chester county ramblings: eat like a local/favorite restaurants

  1. The Inn at Yellow Springs is fabulous. I’ve dined there many times since its opening almost a year ago, and it is consistenty excellent. Always fresh and all excellent quality proteins (fish, beef, pheasant, chicken, etc).

    If you loved Yellow Springs Inn, you’ll love its reincarnation just a 1/4 mile down the road.

    BYOB and cash or check only I believe.

  2. P. S. Kimberton Inn is always fabulous. If you want an amazing burger, head to Ludwigs Inn and Oyster Bar. They recently redesigned the bar area, and it’s quite nice…some nice early bird specials. I have been to Eagle Tavern recently, but that has always been consistently good. I particularly enjoy lunching there.

    • Ludwigs Inn! That is the one I forgot! My friend Barb and I rediscovered that a couple years ago after leaving an event at Main Line Animal Rescue – we had an amazing meal!

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