this woman shouldn’t be allowed in a car this big

Anyone recognize this ginormous SUV?  It’s brand new for now and the woman driving it yesterday was hell bent for leather to get somewhere and almost caused multiple accidents.

We picked her up yesterday in Malvern in front of Wegman’s and unfortunately had to share highway with her for a while .  I was a passenger in a car, not driving and taking photos, incidentally.

Anyway, this woman was ALL over the road, and I mean ALL over.  She lane hopped seemingly every six seconds, and not once did she EVER use her signal to change lanes on a busy highway.  Basically, she careened in and out of traffic lanes, even bouncing off concrete stuff used as highway dividers. And she was speeding, speeding, speeding.  She also was inattentive enough that most of the time even when she was changing lanes you did not know what lane she was in because she kept drifting over lane divider lines too.

Drivers like this are a menace anywhere, and I sure hope she wasn’t doing what she was doing yesterday with children in her SUV.

She was so erratic a driver that I contemplated calling the police. She should get  a vehicle she can handle for starters. I am sure she would be great fun to come up against in an amusement park in bumper cars, but if I never see her on a road again I can’t say I won’t be upset.

I don’t understand when people became so self-absorbed that they stopped being cognizant of their surroundings while driving…or why they have to be in such a hurry that they would take risks with their lives as well as the lives of others.