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This Oscar party sounded like it was a blast!!!   Kiss & Makeup in Malvern did it up complete with a red carpet for their Oscars Party with Restaurant Alba according to Main Line Media News’ Caroline O’Halloran (Caroline does Flair, is totally awesome, and I have written for her before).

Video: Malvern celebrates the Oscars

Published: Monday, February 27, 2012  By Caroline O’Halloran

The Main Line went to the Oscars Sunday night.
The borough of Malvern closed King  Street to traffic and a red-carpeted tunnel tent was  erected connecting Kiss and Makeup Boutique and the newly enlarged  Restaurant Alba.
The two businesses joined forces to host a  black-tie gala complete with “paparazzi” led by Devon Horse Show  photographer Brenda Carpenter, a silent auction, champagne and  handcrafted Oscar-themed delectables by Alba chef/owner Sean Weinberg.
Main Line Media News’ Caroline O’Halloran chatted up guests à la Joan Rivers for a red-carpet report livestreamed on this website.  And inside WFYL radio host Kim  Douglas mixed it up with the crowd.

So I will admit that I wish I had gone to this party as it sounded utterly fun.  I was invited to something else they did a while back, which in essence was like a makeover and boudoir-ish photos (Sugar and Spice I think) and, well, that stuff truthfully makes my nose wrinkle and giggle at the same time —- as a breast cancer survivor I am more than a bit lopsided some days so the mere thought  of trussing me up like a turkey in a bustier (or anything strapless) and soft lighting cracks me up. Even pre-breast cancer that would not have been for me. I would rather be behind the lens than in front of it.

But that is one thing people always forget – they do Mardi Gras parties, they do Valentine’s parties, but they forget about the Oscars. (and yes, yes I was amused with J Lo’s “J Low Slider” last evening.)

But back to Kiss & Make-up.  Now, there are other make up themed businesses in other areas with their name (New York, Pittsburgh), but I am talking about the place in Malvern – they also made it into swag bags for the Oscars, apparently which is very cool to hear since they are local and women in business.

In addition to Main Line Media News, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote up their Oscar event a couple of days ago – see:

Malvern boutique has a red-carpet idea

February 26, 2012|By Diane Mastrull, Inquirer Staff Writer
These ladies are a success because of all the effort they pour into their business.  They didn’t just hang out a sign and call it a day – they are obviously very creative!