5 thoughts on “hatabulous

  1. The Hat Contest panel of judges, which included a professional milliner, chose Beth Beverly’s fabulous topper as one of only 6 prize winners out of a field of over 200 contestants! Yes, it’s evident that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  2. Wow, you “ladies” are something else! Do you think this blogger is the only one who found the dead animal chapeaux macabre? Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am with this blogger. Of course, if you keep up the commentary on Daniel Boone’s taxidermist niece twice removed, you will of course be leaving yourselves up and open to more fodder. If you are going to social climb, learn to do it with style or pick up your Barbies and go home.

      • ROFLMAO! Seriously? All these comments because I think wearing dead critters on your head is well, odd? FYI, what you are doing with all the attention to my opinion is drawing more readers to my blog, so thank you! I love that!

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