people just crack me up

So I wrote about attending a ladies luncheon/tea yesterday.    And now the comments, they are a rolling on in.

Take this morning’s missive:

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You are fabulous at supporting the popular image of publicists being shallow witches.  If you deal in public image and perception you may want to dial back on your bile – clearly you do not know who you are besmirching in your screed.  I was invited to this event this year and thankfully I did not attend as it is clearly populated by self-important, deluded cows clingy to dusty notions of “society.”

Well moooo then, people. I am not a sheep or of the sheeple, but I do like cows, and for the record goats and horses too.  A blog is opinion.  This is a blog.  This is my blog.  If these lovely critics actually read what I wrote, I liked the event a lot – it was very pretty.  Any commentary was on the cast of characters, which is not so unusual, everyone does it.  It was an aside, they were my observations as a people watcher.

I was also not a publicist for this event, I was a paying guest.  I went to support lovely women who work on the horse show.  What I found after sort of ditching the social scene for a decade was very amusing to me, and these nice women who work on these events have no control over that, nor does it reflect on them as it is simply is what it is.

Sorry if your collective feathers are ruffled, but having an opinion is completely allowed by law and society. Having an opinion does not make a person shallow, I must admit that was pretty funny as a “so there, take that!” kind of comment.  And I am sorry but wearing taxidermy as a hat to me, in my opinion, is right up there with Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

Having survived breast cancer, comments like this can’t really bother me as in the scheme of life they are rather unimportant in their ire. Life altering events are just kind of liberating that way I suppose.

These people  are however, entitled to their  opinions which is why I am allowing these  comments to be posted as they roll in.   I have been a blogger for a while, so if you don’t like what I am writing, don’t read the blog. It’s pretty simple.

And in the topic of people crack me up, check the story out that Main Line Media News has about (in essence) cheaters on the Main Line:

Data shows extra-marital cheating prospers on Main Line

Published: Thursday, May 31, 2012

By Caroline O’Halloran

The Main Line – the land of storied mansions, country clubs, charity balls and … infidelity.
According to new data from the extra-marital dating service,, the Main Line is the most cheating neighborhood in greater Philadelphia.
More than 210,000 men and women from Philly and its immediate suburbs are anonymously registered members of, a website that discreetly connects would-be philanderers with willing partners.
Of the 210,000, the Main Line boasts the most members per capita, followed by Old City, Huntington Valley and Fox Chase. Chestnut Hill, fifth on the list, has the highest percentage of females seeking affairs (36 percent).