nooks and crannies

Today was the perfect day for gardening.  Sometimes dark, sometimes rainy, perfectly damp planting conditions.

When you plant a new garden for the first time there are several steps.

First you scope it out.

Then you clear out weeds and what you aren’t going to live with.   Do some pruning.  Stare at the trees and talk to them about what they want to live with  so your neighbors start to wonder (I am kidding, LOL).

Then you live with it a while.

Then you slowly start to plant.  Here and there.  See how things take, and then fill in.

And then you live with it some more.

Because I think I still have to live with this garden for a while, I decided rather than do a huge amount more of planting this summer, I would stick to the basics: get some more mulching dones and fill in nooks and crannies with inexpensive annuals that won’t kill me or my wallet if they don’t make it.

So that is what I did.  And it was a perfect day to dig in the dirt and I only thought I lost my cell phone twice.

Have you gardened today?