exploring west chester

Last week my friend Teri and I played touristas.  We took a staycation day to West Chester.  Wel walked the streets in town, and had lunch (al fresco!) at Limoncello.

Limoncello is a wonderful restaurant, and lunch was delicious (if you are a homemade bread junkie, do not under any circumstances try the bread they bring to the table in a basket. It is the best bread ever tasted.)

For Limoncello, not that they will listen to me a blogger, I have two suggestions: (1)The tables inside are definitely TOO CLOSE TOGETHER, and outside they are bordering on the same issue.


(2) They offer unsweetened iced tea and sweet tea.  The sweet tea is a mix.  The five minutes you take to brew real iced tea might add less than another 30 seconds for the time it takes to brew real iced tea with sugar and/or sugar and mint. That is all you need for sweet tea.

We then took in the streets and their merchants are town proud.  Flowers in planters everywhere, and what is really neat, is there is almost a uniformity to the outside dining options as far as plants, flowers, and ambiance.

We also discovered a couple of the little boutiques and antiques places.  West Chester has a walkability that a lot of other Main Street-oriented towns do not.  And that includes traffic calming done creatively.  My only reservation is what will happen to this when Eli Kahn does his supersizing and developing right around the center of town in I guess old county buildings.  (Don’t forget that height discussion thing.)

Eli Kahn and Jack Loew bear watching.  As in closely.  I can’t see what they will do from my windows, but I would hate to see West Chester’s charm obliterated by ill-fitting downtown development. I already think their plans for Malvern are ghastly.

West Chester, the borough, should pay more attention to this in my humble opinion than constantly fighting the sex shop lady….even if her proposed new sign shown in The Daily Local is a bit of a nose wrinkle/bad taste in my opinion.  But then again, I think the X marks the spot of the heart in the women’s figure line drawing’s crotch area is just too obvious.    (I do not care if the store is there, however, I just think she could do a more tasteful sign.  But she gets such a hard time all the time for every little thing, can’t say I blame her.)