saturday morning at west chester grower’s market

This morning my sweet man took me to the West Chester Grower’s Market for the first time and boy did I have fun!

It is not nearly as large as the East Goshen Farmers’ Market, and is in a more urban setting in downtown West Chester, but I loved it!  I had a lot of choices in produce, the produce prices in some cases were a little more money than East Goshen and in other cases less.

I bought fabulous mustard and bok choy greens and beautiful spinach from Queens Farm, eggs and tomatoes from London Vale Farm, crimini mushrooms of incredible beauty from Oley Mushrooms, and amazing sticky buns from Lizzie’s Kitchen. (East Goshen needs a regular PA German/Farm Market staple baker like this, but I would not dream of suggesting that to the Market Madam lest I be chided and reminded again that she is a nutritionist and mama knows best.)

I noticed on the West Chester Grower’s Market preview post that plant growers called Applied Climatology was going to be there with their day lillies.  Those people had me at hello.  I purchased two beautiful new day lilly cultivars for a deer free zone (fences make good neighbors when I comes to deer too!), and a cone flower cultivar in a peachy color I had never seen!

The market was packed and the people friendly.  I also purchased some fruit from Fahnstock’s Fruit Farm, but really felt like I was cheating on my farmers from Frecon Farms.


I had quite a few delightful photo opportunities and look forward to a return visit to this  market.  I will however, look forward to a cooler day at my regular market (East Goshen Farmers’ Market) next Thursday.

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