along 202…

Along Route 202 towards Delaware there are so many things….billboards, abandoned old buildings, strip malls, a few farms, more billboards and abandoned old houses.

Can anyone tell me about the house above?  I think technically it may still be in West Chester.

And speaking of West Chester, the tradition that just makes you smile:


And here again is the billboard that is the pride of Westtown – just like the giant T.V. you would never want:


2 thoughts on “along 202…

  1. I just noticed this house on 202 the other day. I don’t know what made me focus on it after years of driving by but I noticed the broken top window and the mattress on its side in the same window. I made the remark that at one time, it was probably a beautiful place.

    Mmmmmm, Jimmy Johns. I always stop on my way back from Philly Airport, no matter where in the world I have been. When my plane is late, it makes me want Jimmy Johns all that much more.

    And what is with these new LED Billboards? Municipalities have fought for years against billboards as “sight pollution” and yet, these thing spring up like onion grass!

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