spreading the barn love of it all

Ok, now onto something I really love: The Smithfield Barn.

My barn of barns is having a sale!!!  Kris sent a message:

Happy Fall Everyone!
The barn will be open this FRI SAT AND SUN 10am to 4pm…..RAIN OR SHINE!!! Come out between raindrops and check out the treasures in the barn!   We have some great new stuff and the word of the week is vintage!  We are filled to the brim with lots of great new stuff. Some new items include metal wardrobes, wood boxes and trunks, great new lamps, wicker, dishes, toys, jewelry, and lots of great vintage finds from the 1940’s and 50’s.  As always come out, say hi, find a treasure or two and help us empty out the barn!
Smithfield Barn  425 Little Conestoga Road
P.S. For those who want a sneak peak come stop by Wed. or Thurs. the doors will be open all day (9-2 and after 4)while I finish unpacking boxes!!

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