the kris kringle of it all

ornamentOk, I admit it: I have been watching waaaayy too many holiday movies.  However, in my own defense, sometimes human kind is just so crappy to each other that the escapism in a movie where people are kind to their fellow-man and Santa Claus is just a nice way to get the warm and fuzzies.

So Chester County, here is what I am after: I would like to know what local charities and churches are doing what between now and Christmas.

Who is collecting toys?

Who is making care packages?

Who is collecting warm coats?

Who is collecting food to feed the hungry?

Who is collecting to help homeless animals during the Christmas season?

Who is accredited and collecting funds for various programs?

Please leave a comment and tell me.  I would like to be able to share that information via the blog.

‘Tis the season of goodness and good tidings, so let’s pay it forward. Tell me who has the Christmas spirit in Chester County. (And yes, it is Christmas in my neighborhood.)