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turning for home xraySigh….when it rains it pours.  I have received another horse comment that deserves it’s own post….again it is about a certain local-ish horse rescue: Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue and I guess also about that elusive Barbara Luna from Turning for Home which feeds horses coming off the track and into Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue and Jessica Troxell Basciano’s care, and are we surprised?

As is the case with the more ad naseum post of earlier I did not solicit what I am about to post, it did not originate with me.  I don’t rescue horses, don’t own horses, don’t currently ride. If the rescue la la types have a hissy fit over this comment, they also sold this person a horse so they also know where to find them.  I do not.

The heat is on in horse rescue in Chester County I would say, wouldn’t you?

Here is the comment. The X-Rays are posted as photos within the body of this post as you can see. The comment comes from a lady named Lisa who comments regularly on these horse rescue posts:

Here is what the people of this rescue think a removed bone chip looks like. Didn’t know a removed bone chip required screws? My vet calls it a fracture not a bone chip removal and that this horse, my little girl’s horse that I got from Jessica Basciano, is not going to be able to do much when it comes to riding. I have invested a load of money in this horse and to find this out has been heartbreaking for myself, not to mention my little girl whose horse this is!

Oh yeah, I got this horse at the end of August and am now just finding all this out now. You think maybe in an almost 5 month spread I could have been told about this?

Also I am still trying to get my other horse’s vet records. In fact I contacted Barbara Luna a few weeks ago requesting them, as my vet is going to now have to a check on him as well, since I don’t know if I was told the entire truth about his injuries. I still haven’t heard a word back from Barbara about his vet records!

Hey Barbara, if you are reading this, my vet still needs Hi Card Gambler’s vet records!  Can I please get them for the 3rd time in asking for them?!


Here is the horse before this lady Lisa started caring for him:


Here is is AFTER she bought him and has cared for him:


Here is some sort of discharge papers from when he was a racehorse:


Goes to show that someone will still care for an animal even when it ends up being more special needs than pleasure riding so why wasn’t eveyone just up front about this with all vet records?  These horses unlike the majority of dogs and cats who go into rescue have paperwork, have vet records — it is all supposed to go where they go so why doesn’t it?

1.23.13 UPDATE:

Yowza! There seems to be a flurry of activity and phone calls and facebook messages and all sorts of Tom Follery.  Of course more people are asking where Barbara Luna and Turning for Home are in this hot mess. Follow this LINK for the 990 on Guide Star in 2010.  Barbara Luna must report to the board and they are listed on page 33 of the report.(also found here: Turning For Home 990).

So anyway, hope this all gets sorted out.  But this sure is one hot mess. Who the heck knew finding odd Craig’s List Posts in late fall would lead to so much drama?

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  1. I just wanted to clarify real quick that the picture of the big red horse is not the one with the fracture.

    I own 2 OTTB’s that both went through this rescue. The red chestnut is Hi Card Gambler, in fact he was purchased off of Craigslist and I was utterly surprise to find out after googling him that he had been in a rescue. I kind of wondered how does a horse in a rescue end up being for sale on Craigslist? I do believe this is a big no, no with most rescues to put a horse on craigslist especially priced as low as he was!

    Terminal Velocity or Max, as he is now called was given to me, but I was told he had a bone chip removed. This was even verified through Barbara Luna via an email conversation between us when she asked me if I had been told about his injuries? I told her what I had been told that Hi Card Gambler I was told had bowed tendons and that Terminal Velocity had had a bone chip removed. She said “Great. Just want to make sure you had all of their info.” Obviously I didn’t have the whole info!

    Max has since came up lame and I again approached Barbara Luna about vet records. Low and behold I get these lovely x-rays with a fracture. No bone chip to be seen. My vet, after being shown all of this told me this is no bone chip!

  2. OOO lord why am I not surprised?? I fell into this so called rescue back in November and well I was surprised by the lack of knowledge that Ms Basciano has regarding horses. “she just loves them” as she so eagerly informed my other half . . We encountered her on a chilly rainy Sunday as we went to look at HAPS ( whose pricing seems to rise and fall like milk prices ), I do my research and caught her in a lie right up front as she loves to talk talk talk talk. The barn was dark damp and well gross ~ , Upon my inspection one man was attempting to muck them while children playfully bantered with a new arrival, a pony .

    HAPS was not from the track as she so readily admitted, HAPS was indeed at a lay up facility, taken from that facility due to whatever reason and I do believe now that is an ongoing court issue(?) . The field or rather fields had about 24 horses in various shades of coats and no coats ~ now mind you the day was dreary, rainy ugly blahhh and I counted 10 stalls so what the hell are 24 horses doing with barn that can hold only 10? The Commonwealth is quite clear with the laws governing property and horses per acre. I was appalled by what I saw ~~ Oh it must have been an off day or perhaps the barn maiden was off for the day

    That aside, the lie was enough to twist my soul ~ why lie from the jump it was not warranted( and you don’t know me from a can a paint!) and then not to even have the basic knowledge of horses is insane. I did not go out alone so while she carried on a lovely conversation I saw HAPS whom now had a lovely gash in his front leg~ of course the deets were sketchy as was the medical treatment~ easy basic questions were not answered FIRST NO BARN OFFICE ~ Vet records~ none shown ~ Dental none shown so when were his teeth last floated “Oh I will get back to you ” DEAD AIR Farrier when was the farrier last there ” I will get back to you how the hell can you not know when your farrier was last on site?? ~ no Training records well of course not as she has never seen a saddle as she does this out of “the love” and she readily admitted getting 1 to 2 grand per horse that came through her leased gross barns ~ SOOO HAPS was turned out into the arena where he immediately went off as he so it seemed had not been turned out for a bit ( walking a horse would have avoided his bucking and carrying on in the arena and I am sure any vet would have prescribed him being walked ) ~ NO bandage to cover the recently administered stitches and to my amazement he went down on his to front legs ~ she laughed! BACK TRACK~ I was told the vet could not bend his front leg for an xray as he was to be re-xrayed but when that to was another mystery ~

    Time went on as I continued to information gather and the last file I received was pictures of HAPS we think they are HAPS as there is nothing on the xrays to identify whom the animal actually is and not the Vet whom took them ~ Yes ladies of the corn in the old days they used to list the horse and vet at least the horse is listed in the top right hand corner of most xrays) now it is done by disk and I have his well again what we think are his Xrays to file along with Regurgitated emails from Ms Basciano ~ even texts messages that she retexted from her pride and joy Dr. Tom Laurito ( will he even remember HAPS as he does not recall Wild Cat Lake )

    I can go on and on as I save each email and text to my files they are more than interesting to be honest and each brings its own new dawn to one very sketchy “business” not an LLC just running under a fictitious name search ~ Taxes should be interesting gee are those kids employees or 1099’s?? Then we have the issue of Non profit as she l stated to my spouse ” I applied for non profit status but puled it back do to a harassment charge” why the HELLL would you even tell a prospective purchaser that?

  3. I am watching all this mess and just shaking my head. I once looked at one of Jessica’s ‘rehabbed’ horses but chose not to purchase because she was obviously lying about the soundness of the horse. At some point there is an element of ‘buyer beware” however, that doesnt circumvent the law. It would appear that several people here have cases of broken contracts whether verbal or written. The buying and selling of horses falls under contract law. I would suggest each of you research contract law and then take it up in court. She may be clever but, she is not beyond the law.

    • Sam-
      Well said as our little horse maiden seems to feel she is so it appears through this blog activity. Being a “do.gooder” is one thing but not having the knowledge of basic horse ownership, health, etc is another. These majestic beauties are work & require that one knows the front from the back – sadly she can’t even tack up a horse.

  4. As if there isn’t enough chaos going on, I just saw there are still horses in the back field at Laskos that no one seems to be caring for. No hay, frozen pond and poor shelter. Anyone know who they belong to or why they have been left back there with no care?

    • Sam those horses are thrown hay twice daily, have a 100 gallon water trough and a very nive run-in shed. They are being cared for which would be why they are all blanketed. If they were neglected believe me they wouldn’t have blankets, a water trough or hay. A large bale is actually being delievered next week I just had to wait for the ground to freeze since we got the truck stuck dropping the last one off. Unfortunantely this means small bales must be thrown twice daily once before I goto work and someone feeds in the afternoon as well. Thank you for your concern though but they are well taken care of.

      • As per an earlier post you made you have only 4 horses. I think it would be quite simple for you to clear this whole mess up on your behalf. Snap your own photos. Your 4 horses and no others in that field with hay, water and the ‘nice’ run in shed.

      • Can you explain why there are horses out as of this morning Saturday 1/26 with no blankets on?? Can’t wait for this answer–

  5. A well informed person has told me the local LAPS agent is more interested in slandering the parties involved than investigating the claims. Seems she bought into Ms. Basciano’s ‘poor me’ routine and now feels it is her place to repeat whook linwas fed

  6. A well informed person has told me the local LAPS agent is more interested in slandering the parties involved than investigating the claims. It would appear that Ms. Basciano has told her some lies and the LAPS agent is repeating them to whomever will listen. Slander.

    • That is horrible!! I have heard poor things about LAPS from a lot of folks including those involved in rescue, but had no idea they would do something like that! Why if that comes out they could jeopardize their own nonprofit status at a minimum. I am not going to pretend that I understand the motivations of this Jessica can you? I tried really hard to be kind and have an open mind, but I’m just thinking she needs to be out of the rescue business if that makes any amount of sense? And what I definitely do not understand is how turning for home and that Barbara Luna can keep giving horses to this rescue while there is such a cloud of scrutiny? And where is Parx racing in all of this? When I saw that first weird ad on craigslist I had absolutely no idea it would lead to all of this craziness. I was thinking about this today, as I watched animal cops Houston. They were showing rescue of horses in distress, and I kept thinking about what is going on with all these horses? Are they safe? Are they well? Are any people brave enough to speak out against injustice safe?

  7. Well I for one don’t feel safe! I was informed by, a very reliable source, that one of Jessica Basciano associates stated that Mrs Basciano is gunning for me.

    What does that mean? To me is sounds like a bodily threat!

    You have to ask yourself this, if this woman and her rescue is legit and done nothing wrong, why on earth would she feel she has to come after me? I have merely shown and stated the facts as they have been presented to me via emails, phone calls, sales receipts and x-ray photos.

    I have decided to go to my state police and see what can be done to protect myself against this woman who is now “gunning” for me. The word gunning I don’t take likely nor the fact that I feel threatened along with my family.

    • Seems our little Miss Heather literally has an answer for everything- but no pictures ( then there would be the issue of validity) So ladies & gentlemen WE are all wrong so it would appear.. my my my

      From the jump a round bale should have been ordered long ago- as for blankets they hide a myriad of issues so to believe that is laughable and are they heavy weights??I am sure you will tell us they are. To sit and state how lovely a responsible horse owner you are Brava Brava

      Heather I will presume the water trough is heated or has a heat source correct? Because it would be frozen my dear….

      Set… Match….

  8. First, I’d like to state my rights to keep my name and IP address disclosed, and if it is revealed I will proceed with legal actions. I merely want to keep my name out of this to prevent any negative reactions targeted at me.

    You are all terrible people. From the blogger who is fueling this fire, to the people who are jumping onthe band wagon. You are ALL twisting your stories so far that it is impossible for the poor bystanders who only read what you say, to have a mind of their own and see Jessica in any good light. You’re dramatic lies and slander have blocked any good opinions out.


    That is the bottom line. and unfortunetly, those who have been unhappy with this rescue, apparently have NOTHING better to do then make the lives of others miserable. The few people who have had a bad experience, created it themself, and have spread these thoughts to other people. It’s just gas to the fire.

    This place has been wonderful and supplied me with every information I asked for, did not let my horse come home with me until a vet had seen her for a simple injury, stood there and cleaned out a minor scrape that others would have ignored.

    There are people out there who have nothing better to do with their lives then site behind a screen and bitch.

    • thejumpingduck@gmail.com Dear Dumb Duck, oh poor you you don’t get how blogs work. This is my blog, which means I have the right to do anything I want with any comments sent in to this blog. So don’t roll up here and tell me what it is that I am going to do and not do. Because that’s not how it works. You will note my generosity and posting your comment. Didn’t have to do that either.

    • PS I didn’t fuel any fire. I found strange ads on craigslist. The ads incidentally by what I have been told were put there by other people involved in other kinds of horse rescue. As for the rest of it people keep sending me stuff. You don’t like it stop reading- Because let me be clear: threatening me on my blog? That’s rather stupid. And I take threats seriously. If you are going to fill out the form and comment, I have the right to do whatever I choose with that comment in its entirety. You initiated contact, I did not seek you out. So technically, if you want to get down to brass tacks, could it be construed that you are threatening and harassing me?

    • Dumb Duck

      Really really now~~. Dumb tends to fit and quite well I may add- so we all dreamt up our conversations and all of the pictures etc are well let’s say Duck Confit ( that may go over your duckling of a head)

      It’s amazing how so many different people have had an issue with Ms Basciano whom.”just wants to do.good” by lying- not providing proper paperwork -hence a horse was trailered across state lines ( that must have escaped your cute duckling head) She has lied repeatedly– and
      the list goes on & on & on.& on

      So darlin we’re happy for you but to hide??? Somethin not right in quackerville.

      • You idiots.
        chestercountyramblings, first I would like to state that I am a Law student, and know the laws of privacy MUCH better then you think. If I was my information hiddn, then so be it. I used an email so long out of use as my identification for this reason. You also may not be able to pin point who I am because of where I type from. What I have said is not even a threat, and hardly harassment, I simply stated that you are possibly not one of the best people in the world because you fuel the fire of a sensitive topic. Now I’m not aiming most of my concerns at you, but the twits such as beth. so please, do not take this as a personal crusade against you.
        But be aware that “wordpress.com” is NOT your website, that you are merely a consumer. Yes this is your personel space to write whatever comes to you’re silly little head of yours, but it does not belong to you. And any one posting has a right to stay anon.

        “Bloggers have the right to stay anonymous. We’re continuing our battle to protect and preserve your constitutional right to anonymous speech online including providing a guide to help you with strategies for keeping your identity private when you blog. ”


        You’re are possibly one the most simple minded twits I have ever had the unfortunate experience of wandering across. Horses are shipped across state lines by rescues all of the time. I would consider what you are saying before you post, I am a very well off law student, more then likely with an IQ higher then you can count.

      • Anyone posting on their very own blog has the right to stay anonymous. You are posting on my blog and threatening me and others on said blog. Hence, you get revealed. No one has a gun to your head saying you have to post. You choose to. If you practiced the same behavior on a newspaper website they would reserve the right to do the same thing. If you don’t want the attention, stop posting.



  9. Dear Dumb Duck,

    You make me laugh. You blame others for the fault of Barbara Luna and then accuse them of hiding behind a computer screen, when you yourself are doing exactly that?

    I must have misunderstood the screws that are on my horses x-rays then. Geez, must be my fault that Barbara Luna told me it was a bone chip removal and not a fracture? And I guess I am really to blame for not having my vet records for my other horse that I keep asking for and cannot seem to get from Barbara Luna?

    Ah, I know what I am at fault for. I am at fault for keeping every single correspondence between Barbara Luna and myself to back up what I am saying. Darn, I guess it really is my fault for keeping all of that hmmm…?

    We are so glad you got everything you asked for with your horse, but there are some of us who can’t seem to manage that feat with Barbara Luna or Jessica Basciano. Maybe you would be so kind to inform the rest of us just how you managed to get your horse or horse’s paperwork? Us terrible people, hiding behind our computer screen, would really like to know, so we can move on with our lives and care for our horses with knowledge instead of guessing in the dark what the hell is wrong with them! I would think a legit rescue would want the horses that were once in their care to have the best medical treatment they possible could, but it’s kind of hard to do without their vet records, don’t you think?

    So Dumb Duck, until you can answer how you got your paperwork so easily and explain to us terrible people what we need to do, beside ask for the paperwork, butt out of it!

    P.S. Dumb Duck anyone who thinks of a horse as a product really shouldn’t have horses. Just my opinion! This terrible person, as you have labeled me, thinks of her horses as family members not products! Have a good day!

    • Dearest Dumb.Duck

      Oooo a STUDENT- perhaps a course in grammer/ sentence structure is in order-

      1) as an owner of horses for 25+ years proper paperwork is required

      2) coggins, all.vet records, training etc are to accompany all horses ( legally ).Yes tracks giveaway horses all the time

      3) which horse did you purchase

      4) hmmm I own 4 thriving businesses- speak locally on a national radio show & hold 2 degrees


  10. Lisa,
    I have NOTHING to say about ms Luna. I have never met her. My issue is with what is going on with Ms Basciano. Barbara Luna is in charge of the who thing, so why are people no targeting her?

    Ps. I don’t think of them as a product. It was a metaphor.

    Nothing more to say to you.

    • Barbara Luna is in charge of Turning for Home which doles out rescue horses and apparently stipends as well to Jessica Basciano’s Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue. Jessica is responsible for her own rescue and all that it entails. If Jessica wants to stand up with all her records and turn them over to say the media for review, we can put this to rest. If she has a legitimate rescue at the end of the day, I will say so and have said that before. But all I see is an odd sort of onion that keeps having contradictory layers peeled away. And I commend you for being a well heeled law school student with time for horse ownership and tom foolery. Most law school students don’t have the time…..

  11. Lisa,
    one last comment,
    I mearly asked for my horse’s records to be dropped off with her at the boarding facility.

    • Well Dumb Duck you must be one special person to get them so easily. I have requested from both Barbara Luna and Jessica Basciano vet records on both my horses and have gotten very little on one and nada on the other!

      I have offered faxing, emailing and you know what have been even better would to actually have them handed to me when I got the horses. Don’t know what more I can do to make it easier for them to get them to me, unless I go to Parx and knock on Barbara Luna’s office door to get them. Maybe I should try that next?

  12. chestercountryramblings

    I can here to say my part and requested my privacy. You have violated my given rights, and I could easily sue YOU now. I said my part, I did no threatening, just showing my disgust with the human race. That IP address also is not yours to give, nor my own IP address to my personal internet.

    Thank you for not allowing my other post to lisa to appear by the way. Lovely.

    have a nice time being ridiculous.

  13. Also, I would just like to remind you if this continues I have a nice federal attorney who has already taken notice of this who wouldn’t mind helping.

  14. once again, you do not OWN this blog. wordpress.com is not OWNED by chestercountryramblings.
    once again, i ask, WHERE did I threaten you?
    keep thinking about those two things.

    • It never ceases to amaze me the the kids willing to come forward and defend Jessica…but, only if they can be ‘secret warriors’. My name is Carol. I am a 50 year old college educated adult . I am no ones puppet. I make my own choices and my own determinations. If Jessica had slandered my family the way she has the Dankanich family, I would have her little con artist butt in court until you, Dumb Duck passed the bar! She lies and she manipulates. She uses young naive girls to stand up and defend her. Ask yourself this Dumb one…why is it Jessica Basciano needs the assistance of a ‘law student’?

  15. I cant help myself…this is just so easy and so much fun…Hey Dummy Duck? What color nail polish did Joy give ya?

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