am I just the new victorian?


No one wants to be an unhip mom.  That is like the fate worse that death.  But what if you really don’t like something?

I was never a player of PacMan, Ms PacMan, anything Atari or you name it video games. Truthfully, I am not a huge game person, period. I guess that makes me dull in that department.  Sorry, I try, it just makes my eyes glaze over.

I know kids, especially boys, love video games.  And I desperately want to be down with gaming, but when you watch kids get their brains sucked out after a couple of hours, where is the comfort level? Where is the love?

It’s like when the game goes on, the brain goes off.

So I am putting it out there to moms everywhere to check the pulse of moms and gaming.

Am I wrong to want balance?   Am I wrong that kids need to communicate other than just electronically and on social media? Everyone texts for example, but what about the lost art of a thank you note?  Sorry, but the Emily Post in me still thinks these old fashioned things have value….

I don’t want to be the new Victorian, so I am opening the floor to moms everywhere.  How do you approach games? Is game time unlimited and whenever or do your kids have a specific amount of time they can play video games? Do they have specific times of day where it is ok?

Is there a specific area where electronics live (as in not in the bedrooms at night so as to avoid wall eyed zombies that can’t function the next morning)? Because gaming also occurs on smartphones, do smartphones stay in the parent zone when bedtime rolls around?

What are the electronic frontier rules in your house? What happens when rules are broken in your house?  Are privileges lost, electronic items removed? If so, how long? How do you talk teen and pre-teen?

Tell me. (before Ms. PacMan rises from the grave and gobbles me whole.)