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barnPeople see a blog and don’t get how it works.  Part of me gets that because there are different types of blogs.  Some are more like community websites where anyone can sign up and play, and then there are individual sites like mine which belong to the writer/owner and what they write about is entirely their discretion.

So I have been blogging for years at this point and used to have more of an activist bent.  But that is not the raison d’être of this blog.  This blog is for whatever I choose, when the spirit moves me, and how I wish to phrase it.

For example I might mention that I have a friend being unjustly treated by the mother of his only child and I have to wonder how this woman can sleep at night and does she have a pattern of this screw the baby daddy behavior as this isn’t the first time she’s done this? (Want to tug at the heart-strings? Check out Lulu Loves Dada)

Or I might talk about a woman I know who I think is incredibly brave.  She lives in another state and for the past few years has been living a nightmare worthy of a made for TV movie on Lifetime.  She is living proof it is hard for abused women to get out, and when the abuse isn’t physical it is just as bad if not worse.  This woman is amazing and just so nice.

And then there is my friend Jim, living in California and fighting to stay alive.  He can’t live without us and we can’t live without him (You can visit his website here.)

Maybe I will talk about my own journey through breast cancer or something else more personal.

Maybe I will share a recipe, review a restaurant, or post photos of a treasure from my favorite treasure barn (The Smithfield Barn, now on Facebook and they officially open for the season this weekend.)silo

Maybe I will post a photo or two or three or four or five.

Maybe I will comment on something that bugs me that I saw in the traditional media. A lot of times that has to do with butt ugly residential developments.  Sorry, but how many Dream Houses do Ken and Barbie need anyway?

Maybe I will write about a family who lost their dogs in a cruel and horrible way. Or chat about the oddness of horse “rescue” and funky Craig’s List ads.

Or maybe I might just post something funny I saw.

Or pick on PennDOT because their idea of road repair and safe roads is often laughable.

The point in all of this flowing stream of consciousness is this is my blog.  My forum.  If you leave me a comment on this site, it becomes mine. And no, I am not opening this site up to other bloggers.

Earlier today I was contacted by this person on the “about” section of my blog.  Her name is “Jan Parsons” – don’t know if it is her name or not.  She is concerned about “smart meters” which PECO Energy is going to be installing on a mandatory basis again.  Basically it seemed like she wanted to use my site as a forum for her issue.

Ok, I can’t be everything to everyone and I am not particularly interested in this issue.  My feeling is the health risks are minimal unless you are going to go around with the smart meter duct taped to your forehead. Yes I know this is a hot issue to some, but it is not my issue.  I am not a sponge, I do not soak up everyone’s issues.  That would be exhausting and take all of my time.

And I am sorry to be flippant but I survived seven straight weeks of radiation in truly high doses to the point I joked I glowed in the dark.  I just can’t get all jazzed about smart meters at this time. But what I did do for this woman was pass her concerns along to a contact I have at PECO Energy. To try to help. To which she freaking exploded and said I had “no right.”

Ok WOW.  I have people who contact me all the time about stuff who are *thrilled* when I pass their concerns along to a real person who might be able to help.

So I thought I would take the time to lay it all out again: I love when people read my blog.  But it is my blog.  Which means I get to say what goes on and doesn’t go on.  Sometimes I choose not to publish comments.  My prerogative.  Just like if I interpret something as a threat, it doesn’t mean it isn’t because you don’t happen to agree.

At  the end of the day this blog is part of my journey that I am choosing to share. I appreciate your readership.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “random stream of consciousness

  1. I have to say, your blog is very interesting. I like the fact that it is not predictable and it is a surprise each day. I love the photgraphs, recipes, and to see your new “barn finds.” I agree with most of what you say. If I don’t, oh well, we can’t all agree about everything. I look forward to reading your blog everyday or so. So keep om keeping on and God Bless!

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