CCBMIn August I wrote a piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer online about Chester County Books and Music Closing. ( Final Chapter or New Setting For Indie Bookstore) I had discovered the book store when I moved to Chester County and loved it.

At the time, the owner Kathy Simoneaux said to me she wouldn’t close any doors and was looking for an alternate space to move the store.

But as time marched on, it seemed like the plight of this wonderful book store would be to fade away.  As a matter of fact in January, The Daily Local said so:

Chester County Book and Music Co. to close by Feb. 4

 By BRENT GLASGOW bglasgow@dailylocal.com

I was so bummed I did not even blog it.

I love books.

I own way too many for most people, but they are like beloved old friends.  I am not a Kindle person.  I am a person who appreciates a good old-fashioned book experience.


And CCB&M Co always had all these fun events too.  How many times do you get to see a Real Housewife up close LOL?

So I would be remiss if I did not share the fact that I did a little happy dance last week when I read this:

Daily Local: Closed bookstore to reopen near old spot

 By BRENT GLASGOW bglasgow@dailylocal.com

 WEST GOSHEN — Longtime patrons of the recently-closed Chester County Book and Music Co. won’t have to search very hard to find owner Kathy Simoneaux’s new incarnation.

Simoneaux said Saturday that she has signed a lease for a 6,000-square foot storefront two doors down in the West Goshen Shopping Center, in the former home of Famous Footwear.

“It just seems like the perfect size, and of course, it’s the perfect location for us,” Simoneaux said. “It’s where everyone expects to see us. We’re really thrilled.”

The bookstore, which moved into the center in 1987, closed on Feb. 4 after Simoneaux decided the 37,000-square foot operation wasn’t sustainable.

Chester County Book & Music Co. will rise again!  Can’t wait to go check out their new digs when they re-open!

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  1. Its great to hear that I’m not the only one who truly enjoys the expierence of book ownership. Even though my daughters bought me a Nook for Christmas…On a different note. I received a check for a donation refund from OTTB. Interesting!!!

    • Frank, I totally missed the second part of your comment first time around. I can’t believe that. That is very interesting. I will also note that the Facebook page for that rescue and the website seem to have been taken down all of a sudden. Anyone know what is going on there?

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