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Happy horses grazing somewhere in Chester County

Happy horses grazing somewhere in Chester County

So way back in late October and early November when a friend saw these kooky Craig’s List ads and then I started looking on my own and asking questions about horse rescue, I have said it before, but it is the truth: I had no clue the craziness that would ensue.

Day after day, week after week things just swirled about Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue in Glenmoore (Oxford too?) and Parx Racing’s Turning for home.  I did not seek it out.  I even got comments from people as far away as Oklahoma. On and on, and drama swirled.   Facebook kamikaze to odd things happening at people’s homes. (Unless you think the state police showing up in full Ninja turtle gear is normal for Chester County mornings?). People getting followed, people feeling generally bothered, and lots of finger-pointing, and how nutty was all of it?  Even I received comments and such that could be interpreted as threatening or menacing, and wow, what did I do?  Ask questions? Care about animals in rescue?

When would it stop?

No one seemed to know.  And all it was to begin with was worry over horses entering rescue and how they were being cared for and where was LAPs in all of this?

Now from my perspective can it be said that Barbara Luna who is with Parx Racing’s non-profit Turning for Home among others has a lot of questions she should be answering versus dodging?  After all isn’t it Barbara Luna who helps shift these racehorses who have outlived their track usefulness off the track around here and into local rescue?  Still to this day, where is this woman’s accountability?  How did these horses end up across state lines without proper paperwork in some cases? And did some end up in that awful New Holland place in line to become god knows what?

Anyway, last week it was noticed that Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue of Fairview Road in Glenmoore (and elsewhere?) was offline.  As in the Facebook page and website suddenly went dark. It had be active in both cases as of March 11, because they were advertising a yard sale to raise money for the rescue sometime this month, so why?  Why is the only thing left (probably until this post gets published) a tumblr page? Are they closing their doors or merging with another horse rescue?  If either occurs, what happens to the horses in this rescue?  And where are they?

So many unanswered questions.  But today, I have been asked by someone who says they were duped by Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue to publish something.  It is her story.  She wants to go public because she is tired of being painted as a villain in a multi-act play.

Her name is Carol.  Below is what she wrote verbatim.  She owns her words and takes responsibility for them.  If Off  The Track Thoroughbred Rescue is indeed done, then perhaps Barbara Luna of Turning for Home can address this? Even  apologize?

Click on hyperlink for Carol’s Story.  carols story

A lot of this centers around Carol’s special needs daughter.  And anyone who knows horses or has worked with say Thorncroft or other horse therapy programs knows the power horses have for good in these situations.

Here is the text (there are photos and other things the author embedded in the document above):

In Jan of 1999 God blessed our family with a beautiful baby girl. Her birthmother loved her so much she actually came to our home with a weapon and ripped her from my arms.

My baby was lost to me for 3 months before authorities were able to bring her home. She came home very lethargic. I had my baby back but, she didn’t laugh, she didn’t coo, she didn’t even cry all that much. She simply laid there, a human baby with no light in her eyes. It was like holding a doll.

Doctors said she’d outgrow it…experts said that severely neglected infants become very withdrawn but love would heal that. I couldn’t just sit by and hope. I quit my job and devoted every minute of my life to bringing her back. She never left my sight during those first nine months. We bonded and slowly I began to see a spark in her eyes.

At 4, we learned she was on the autism spectrum. I watched my child struggle to fit in, to make friends, to be good at something/anything for years. The pain was incredible. Then in 2010 at the age of 11 she discovered horses and her whole world changed. She started taking lessons, she learned to ride and she found her voice. Finally she had friends, she was good at something and she liked her world. For months she saved every penny of her allowance, her birthday money and Christmas money. Her goal was to own a horse of her own.

Day after day she spent hours on dream horse trying to find a horse she could afford until the day she saw an ad placed by Jessica Troxell Basciano. Of course we took her to see the horse. Of course we let her buy him. What parent could say no to a child’s dream?

Never did we think anyone, much less a mother, would take advantage of a handicapped child but that is exactly what Jessica Troxell Basciano did. She said the horse was perfect for my daughter. She said the horse was sound and well trained. Jessica Troxell Basciano stood next to me, watched the tears rolling down my face as my only child lived out her dream on the back of that horse…and she lied.

Instead of a sound, well trained, suitable for a child, horse Jessica Troxell Basciano sold my baby a horse that had only been off the track for three weeks, had been recently gelded and had severe stifle issues.

We returned the horse to Jessica Troxell Basciano within 24 hours of purchase. Two years later we are still fighting to have my daughter’s money returned to her.

mooseThis is “Moose’.  In the background is my car and the tent we slept in next to Moose because my child refused to leave him that night. Below is Jessica’s response. We did not leave the horse alone at all actually. He never fell during the night and he didn’t have a soft tissue injury anywhere on his body.  He was not injured while we had him.


As for the vet bill:

  1. My husband is a well respected, highly intelligent engineer. To suggest he would offer to pay anything more to her is just insulting.
  2. What vet charges $300 to come look at a horse? No x-rays were taken. The vet came at 3:00 pm and Jessica started texting me to say the horse was perfectly fine at 3:05.
  3. She claims to have a bill and a letter. We have yet to see anything of the sort.

Jessica Troxell Basciano “re-homed’ ‘Moose’ to a young woman named Jenn Messner. Jenn is one of many young women who work for Jessica in exchange for free horses. Below is Jenn’s response:


Please note that she says she wouldn’t have put my child on that horse but Jessica did. Also note she says he has stifle issues.

All I want is my daughters money back and for Jessica Troxell Basciano not to be able to do this to any other family. Yes, it IS about the horses but sometimes it’s also about the people who love them.

Carol Linares

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  1. I have been in the car business over 29 years. I also lived with a horse person for 7 years on and off. (Hell, I even did prison time for extortion!!! I was surrounded by animals for men, most with no remorse for their actions. It was definitely not a country club. But enough about me). Horse brokers, sellers & breeders make the Auto Industry look like a bunch of altar boys and girls!!! They are for the most part the sweetest liars, pretty and backstabbing, no remorse heartless individuals Ive ever encountered. And Ive encountered some real mother fxxkers!!! So when I read this and continue to see the actions of these individuals I continued to be floored and keep thinking Ive seen everything!!! They dont pay taxes. They lie, they disappear from barn to barn, city to city & state to state. They murder horses with their deceit and inability to tell the truth. They altar reports from previous owners, vets and any other source they can!!! All for the love of money $$$ not the love of the horse . But again they all think they are doing the right thing.
    That being said, I know there are some real honorable horse farms out there. And real rescues who serve the needs of the horse. As well as some great riders, trainors & breeders. So when purchasing a horse, try and do it through a referral. Someone whom you can hold accountable. Maybe has a buyback policy in place or will release the horse on trial for a period of 7 days pending a vet workup, x-rays and a coggins report.
    As for the rescue in question. I received my original donation returned. I don’t know if its because they didnt want my money a year later. Or, if it was because they could not provide me with a receipt for tax purposes reflecting a donation to their non profit organization. Either way, Im sorry for this mother who is still fighting to get her money back for her daughter. Perhaps the readers of this blog will join me in helping donate to buy & ship this young lady a horse.

  2. This is quite sad and yes I know of a terrific non prof that when she is ready we will indeed take her to but the wounds are fresh. Also there is a wonderful Equestrian faciltiy in Chester County whom provides children and adults with equine therapy and lessons . It is one thing to hurt an adult another especially for whom who we have seen over the past months whom professes to “love her children” “do anything for her children” hurt a child whom is so innocent is horrific

    Alas Frank we are so glad to hear that you finally did receive your monies back however this is not a Non profit/.

  3. Frank, while we appreciate the generous nature of your offer and suggestion , my daughter now has a beautiful horse that she adores. 🙂 If anyone wanted to make a donation to a reputable rescue, we would recommend Lauri Brinkworth.

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  5. It is wrong for j.b to lie to people etc……..but….i do agree a child has no business being on a ex race horse….a child needs a pony….

    • And an honest, respected and responsible ‘rescue’ would have said so instead of telling us the horse had been off the track for over a year and was perfectly safe. My child is 5’8″ and rides a 16.3 hand Oldenburgh ..a pony would not have worked for her even back then. Hindsight is 20/20..if I had known what I know now, no I wouldn’t have trusted Jessica Basciano to help us find a horse for my child.

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